Stand Up 2 Cancer


This blog views cancer as no all-powerful behemoth. Rather, the site understands the illness as something to to be eliminated, should we get enough research and funding.

Abolish Cancer


This blog is looking to incite an international movement in the spirit of forcing cancer to leave for good. It encourages its readers to take local and regular action in their communities.

WTF Lung Cancer


Meaning to discover Where's The Funding, this blog concentrates on efforts to end lung cancer. It's spawned both substantial media coverage and merchandise.

Give a SMAC! Monkey! Let’s SMAC! #LungCancer During Lung Cancer Awareness Month…and Beyond.
by Jennifer Windrum over 4 years ago

More Birthdays Campaign


Believe it or not, anti-smoking ads did come out in the 1960s. See what type of ads Don Draper and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would have created for the American Cancer Society.

Cooking for a Cure


Those battling cancer can support their fight by dramatically improving their nutrition. This blog focuses on the best diets to sustain a difficult chemo regimen.

PSA Rising Prostate Cancer Blog


A focused and easy-to-navigate site written for and by prostate cancer patients and survivors.