Life with Leukaemia


From the African nation of Sao Tome e Principe, Angus' daughter Kezia was sent to England in the search of treatment for her burgeoning cancer. Fortunately, she has been in remission for the past few years. Still, Angus continues to write on sundry topics, all in some way inspired by the new mindset that any parent would enter upon hearing that his child received a loathsome diagnosis. Not every post tackles leukemia, but loyal followers will catch those as they come.

Quilts for Leukemia


This blog looks to blanket the world in togetherness, in the service of leukemia research. See how quilting can support the fight for a cure here.

Praying for Maren


Young Maren is doing what she can to fend off a harrowing enemy, cancer. Read this blog often to keep close track of her progress.

Miss Oblivious


A religious and charming woman, Shari writes this blog to chronicle her family's ups and downs of tackling her husband's cancer. There's great hope in spades here.

Day #23 ~ First Dose of Venetoclax
by Shari over 2 years ago
Day #15
by Shari over 2 years ago

Aidan: L is for Leukemia


Aidan has a love for scary things that go bump in the night. His blog shows that, even though cancer is frightening, he's not backing down anytime soon.

Leukemia and Lymphoma


This is an excellent blog to head to when you are looking for basic yet comprehensive info on these two cancers. Learn everything you need to here.

Joshua's Story


Nine-year-old Joshua has been displaying heap loads of bravery. His blog shows him valiantly doing what he must to fend off leukemia.

Isa, Leukemia, Life


This family understands that cancer can either tear you apart or bring you closer. The writing here shows that the latter effect has happily taken place.

Super Max
by dirty mouth mama over 4 years ago

Grass Fed Momma


This family lady received a diagnosis of leukemia in her forties. Her blog shows how a new-fangled raw diet has supported her wellness regimen.

All About Mollie


Mollie, at eight years old, surely has more courage than many three times her age. This blog shows how she has railed against the cancer in her life.

Life is good!
by PleaseRecycle almost 4 years ago
6 Year Anniversary
by PleaseRecycle about 4 years ago



A religious man afflicted with lymphoma writes spiritually about his battle with the cancer. Even the non-religious will find something to celebrate here.

Baldy's Blog News


Written by the late Adrian Sudbury, who suffered from a rare form of blood cancer, this blog has been updated by his loved ones in his memory and is devoted to finding a cure.