Living with CML


The CML of this blog's title stands for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. The mother of an adult child crafts this blog with both ardor and authenticity.

9 Years! SO Grateful!
by Annie - Steven's mom over 3 years ago
8 years!
by Annie - Steven's mom over 4 years ago

Jon's CML Diary


Jon writes this blog as a way to keep track of his fight against CML leukemia. Battling since 2006, Jon maintains positivity and clearheadedness here.

Beautiful Portland
by Jon Gershon about 4 years ago
8 Years
by Jon Gershon over 4 years ago

The Ozunaverse


I'm a six year CML survivor who's struggled with the ups and downs of the unpredictable life of living with cancer. My mission is to serve people through humor, encouragement, hope, and adversity. What I write is real, honest, vulnerable, and a reflection of my journey in a broken, imperfect world. I write for an audience of one.

by Justin Ozuna almost 4 years ago