We Survived Leukemia and the Cancer World


The title of this blog might lead you to think that it's not worth the read, now that the cancer has been toppled. This blog earns its readership with honest accounts of a still-tough life.

The Meaning of Everything.
by Sally A. Lanham over 2 years ago
Bright Sides
by Sally A. Lanham over 2 years ago



Sharing personal experience with cancer with the prospective of a psychologist view. Sharing what happens when the world turns upside down.

Misifusa's Blog The Presents of Presence


A Journey of Endurance…that about says it all for me. I’m an 11 year breast cancer survivor, having been diagnosed on New Year’s Eve of 2001. I’ve witnessed first hand the ravages of cancer amidst family drama. Life is about the now, not the past, not the future. You can learn so much by watching reruns of the past and developing plans for the future, but the most important is The Presents of Presence. There’s a lot to be said for having cancer and surviving. Life changes once you’ve faced death and it’s for the better. Come connect with me ~ let's be inspired and motivated!

Fade to Play


Began my 4th chemo treatment for Multiple Myeloma Feb 2013, using social media and photography to document and share my chemo experiences and raise awareness about cancer.

Geftinat Wholesaler Pharmacy


Geftinat is evolved as a drug that is said to be the first cure against the cancer and when detected in the earlier stages it is possible to cure it. Aastha Pharma is the top pharmacy wholesaler which deals in various health care products for cure of many diseases like hair loss, cancer, impotence.



I am a breast cancer survivor...this is my blog of when I went through treatment.

Coping with the Big C


I blog about my experience of getting bone cancer at 21 & now living with the secondary effects from cancer treatment such as pain, fatigue & depression etc. I blog about how my dad got Pancreatic cancer & he recently passed away on Jan 22nd 2014 at 4:40am. I blog about the physical & emotional side of cancer too. My cancer projects & cancer charity work as well as raising awareness of different cancers. I feature guest blog posts of people who have had cancer or been affected by it.