Specifically devoted to the process of chemotherapy, this site offers the reader in-depth articles on varied topics within the field. We highly recommend this comprehensive resource.

Natural Health Blog


A health-focused site that offers some interesting articles on cancer and chemotherapy. Use the site's search engine to refine your exploration of the topic.

Lingering Vacation Weight Gain
by Beth Levine over 2 years ago
3 Reasons Americans Die Young
by Beth Levine over 2 years ago

Baldy's Blog News


Written by the late Adrian Sudbury, who suffered from a rare form of blood cancer, this blog has been updated by his loved ones in his memory and is devoted to finding a cure.

The Boredom Blog


After med student Jared was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to become a surgeon. This site is his creative outlet, documenting his experience undergoing chemotherapy.

Message to My Girl – Media
by Hannah over 2 years ago
Message to my Girl 1.1
by Hannah over 2 years ago

Chris’ Myeloma Blog: My Journey Through Chemotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant


A spiritual and inspiring account of one man's battle with cancer. The articles he posts are short, to-the-point, and generally positive. We admire his courage in making his struggle so intimately public.

Chemotherapy Lung Cancer Blog


A recently-created website that is focused on healing lung cancer through chemotherapy.

The Stupid Cancer Blog


An outstanding blog that utilizes the power in humor to make it a widely-visited and well-updated website. We highly recommend this inspiring site for cancer patients and loved ones.



This blog is self-described as "Rants, Raves and Lunacy of Living with Hodgkins Lymphoma," but it so much more. It reminds us that cancer patients are people too, with personal lives and concerns extending far beyond the reach of the disease.

Me Versus Cancer!


One man's account of coping with cancer, devoted to his friends and family who supported him along the road from patient to survivor.

Chicken Soup For The Cancerous Soul


Well kept and comprehensive, this site serves as a journal for the author, a 25-year-old cancer patient. We admire his courage and candor.

Cancerous Capers


The humorous and forthright author says it best himself: "This blog tracks my little fracas with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is a reading experience that will make you laugh, cry and possibly physically sick as I mention my testicles more times than social convention deems acceptable."

The Yellow Diaries


Written by actress, model, and cancer survivor Lisa Ray, this is a poetic and creatively-written account of her cancer battle. It's clear this woman likes to focus on the positive as she includes multiple mantras and uplifting images on her site.

Silhouette of You


In remission now, the author of this blog chronicles his journey undergoing cancer treatment. A perspective that focus less on logistics and more on his personal life.

John Hopkins: Our Cancer


Once "My Cancer," an NPR-sponsored blog, this site is now under the direction of John Hopkins Medicine, and is a gargantuan resource of personal cancer stories.

We Will Remember Them…
by Laurie Singer Sievers about 4 years ago
Questions and answers…
by Laurie Singer Sievers about 4 years ago

Oh Crap. I have Cancer.


The late author of this blog eventually lost his battle against esophageal cancer, but not before sharing insight on his journey through candid, courageous, and heartbreaking posts.

The Cancer Blog


Scientific and encyclopedic, this blog is a must-read for the cancer community. However, remember to consult a doctor before making any major decisions regarding cancer treatment.

Cancer Blog


This blog seems to congregate articles from various resources in one easy-to-read, accessible site. Many of the articles can be found on The Cancer Blog.

Thyroid Cancer Blog


Well-organized, personal, and comprehensive, this site details the entire process of cancer treatment, from being diagnosed to becoming a true survivor.

My Brain Tumor Community


This blog supplies a wealth of information for those diagnosed with brain cancer, sponsored by the National Brain Tumor Society. Not only does it feature informative articles, it also provides ways to become involved in a community of survivors.

Pancreatic Cancer Blog


Created by John Hopkins medical center, this blog's articles analyze recent findings in medical journals and studies. A comprehensive resource for those suffering with pancreatic cancer as well as their loved ones.

Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer and Its Precursors
by Dr. Ralph Hruban over 4 years ago

Prostate Cancer Blog for Wives and Partners


Successfully navigating between the objective/scientific and the subjective/emotionally supportive methods of coping with the disease, this blog focuses on prostate cancer and is a great resource for patients and loved ones alike.

Cabozantinib Fails in Phase 3 Clinical Trial
almost 4 years ago
More Knowledge Leads to Easier Prostate Cancer Treatment Choices
almost 4 years ago

PSA Rising Prostate Cancer Blog


A focused and easy-to-navigate site written for and by prostate cancer patients and survivors.

With God All Things Are Possible


Blogger Sarah relies on her relationship with God to provide emotional sustenance through this difficult battle. Those who don't believe also find plentiful inspiration here.

Pseudomyxoma Survivor


Pseudomyxoma Survivor is the home of the support network for survivors and carers of the rare cancer, Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP). Our support network offers emotional encouragement and a community where fellow patients and care givers can collaborate online. This allows us to share our stories, enforcing the fact that we are not alone in this fight, as well as further the growing online PMP community. The community has already proven an invaluable source of strength to so many survivors of this rare disease.

For Bobby
about 4 years ago
No make-up selfie donations
about 4 years ago

The Ozunaverse


I'm a six year CML survivor who's struggled with the ups and downs of the unpredictable life of living with cancer. My mission is to serve people through humor, encouragement, hope, and adversity. What I write is real, honest, vulnerable, and a reflection of my journey in a broken, imperfect world. I write for an audience of one.

by Justin Ozuna almost 4 years ago