Praying for Maren


Young Maren is doing what she can to fend off a harrowing enemy, cancer. Read this blog often to keep close track of her progress.

Miss Oblivious


A religious and charming woman, Shari writes this blog to chronicle her family's ups and downs of tackling her husband's cancer. There's great hope in spades here.

Day #23 ~ First Dose of Venetoclax
by Shari over 2 years ago
Day #15
by Shari over 2 years ago

Medicine Net: Leukemia


Shore up your understanding of this complex and serious disease here. You can find articles on causes and symptoms, as well as the latest treatments.

Sleeping Pills May Spell Trouble for Older Drivers
over 2 years ago
In Mice, Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into Sperm
over 2 years ago

Aidan: L is for Leukemia


Aidan has a love for scary things that go bump in the night. His blog shows that, even though cancer is frightening, he's not backing down anytime soon.

Living with CML


The CML of this blog's title stands for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. The mother of an adult child crafts this blog with both ardor and authenticity.

9 Years! SO Grateful!
by Annie - Steven's mom over 3 years ago
8 years!
by Annie - Steven's mom over 4 years ago

Leukemia and Lymphoma


This is an excellent blog to head to when you are looking for basic yet comprehensive info on these two cancers. Learn everything you need to here.

Katie King


This blog chronicles Katie's attempts to become Woman of the Year. The money she aims to raise is all in the service of leukemia research.

Joshua's Story


Nine-year-old Joshua has been displaying heap loads of bravery. His blog shows him valiantly doing what he must to fend off leukemia.

Jon's CML Diary


Jon writes this blog as a way to keep track of his fight against CML leukemia. Battling since 2006, Jon maintains positivity and clearheadedness here.

Beautiful Portland
by Jon Gershon about 4 years ago
8 Years
by Jon Gershon over 4 years ago

Isa, Leukemia, Life


This family understands that cancer can either tear you apart or bring you closer. The writing here shows that the latter effect has happily taken place.

Super Max
by dirty mouth mama over 4 years ago

Grass Fed Momma


This family lady received a diagnosis of leukemia in her forties. Her blog shows how a new-fangled raw diet has supported her wellness regimen.

Cooking for a Cure


Those battling cancer can support their fight by dramatically improving their nutrition. This blog focuses on the best diets to sustain a difficult chemo regimen.

All About Mollie


Mollie, at eight years old, surely has more courage than many three times her age. This blog shows how she has railed against the cancer in her life.

Life is good!
by PleaseRecycle almost 4 years ago
6 Year Anniversary
by PleaseRecycle about 4 years ago



A religious man afflicted with lymphoma writes spiritually about his battle with the cancer. Even the non-religious will find something to celebrate here.

Caringbridge: Marielle


This blog highlights one of the more positive cancer stories around. Young Marielle had leukemia, but she's recently been liberated from the disease.

We Survived Leukemia and the Cancer World


The title of this blog might lead you to think that it's not worth the read, now that the cancer has been toppled. This blog earns its readership with honest accounts of a still-tough life.

The Meaning of Everything.
by Sally A. Lanham over 2 years ago
Bright Sides
by Sally A. Lanham over 2 years ago

Think Cancer


Come here for comprehensive and breaking news about leukemia and other forms of cancer. It's a great way to keep yourself informed on the latest headlines.

Looking at Urethral Tumor Symptoms
by cymoo about 4 years ago
How is Urethral Cancer Diagnosed?
by cymoo about 4 years ago

Melanoma Road Trip


Two young Aussies unite to travel America and spread awareness about this skin cancer. They concentrate especially on getting the word out to young people.

Coffee and Chemo


The original author of this blog lost her battle against cancer, but the people whose lives she touched have continued to post in her memory. A touching account of one Israeli woman's life journey.

Erev zikaron for Rivka - 5776
by The Matitya Family over 2 years ago
Thank you!
by The Matitya Family over 3 years ago

Colon Cancer Chemotherapy Blog


While devoted to one specific subject, this blog focuses on positive methods of coping with a life-threatening disease. Articles on health figure in as much as articles on chemo.

Avastin And Taxol For Breast Cancer
by over 4 years ago
Vaccine Against Colorectal Cancer
by over 4 years ago

Chemo Savvy: Headwear for Hardtimes


A cancer survivor openly shares her tactics in disguising the inevitable hair loss caused by chemotherapy. An inspiring and practical guide.