Will to Survive


Blogger Megan is especially passionate about the cause to eradicate cancer from the lives of children. A great singer, she croons as well as she writes about cancer survival.

A Woman's Health


The women's blog-magazine has a very strong focus on cancer prevention and treatment. Many celebrities battling the illness are interviewed regularly.

Ixekizumab Promising in RA
by tracey about 4 years ago
Expert Tips to Ease Itch from Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac
by cancerconnect about 4 years ago

Cancer Blog


This blog is a comprehensive source about all things cancer: from spotting it to surviving it. It's an excellent page to keep bookmarked in the quest to kill the illness.

Your Post-Thyroidectomy Diet
about 4 years ago
Your First Chemotherapy Appointment: What You Need to Know
about 4 years ago

Know Cancer


An essential and comprehensive resource for the cancer community. The information featured here is not only informative, but also presented in a visually-stunning manner.

Life Over Cancer


This blog maintains its focus on the thrill of life as more important and worthwhile than the throes of cancer. The postings here are especially rich and thought-provoking.

Breast Cancer and Cholesterol
by Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment over 4 years ago
Fruit-Nut Wild Rice
by Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment over 4 years ago

Stand Up 2 Cancer


This blog views cancer as no all-powerful behemoth. Rather, the site understands the illness as something to to be eliminated, should we get enough research and funding.

Abolish Cancer


This blog is looking to incite an international movement in the spirit of forcing cancer to leave for good. It encourages its readers to take local and regular action in their communities.

WTF Lung Cancer


Meaning to discover Where's The Funding, this blog concentrates on efforts to end lung cancer. It's spawned both substantial media coverage and merchandise.

Give a SMAC! Monkey! Let’s SMAC! #LungCancer During Lung Cancer Awareness Month…and Beyond.
by Jennifer Windrum over 4 years ago

Ciao, Cancer!


The word "ciao" can mean both hello and goodbye, as this blog duly notes. Its postings are focused on ensuring that cancer especially sticks to that latter meaning.

Online Cancer Guide


Nearly two dozen varieties of cancer find specialty pages here on this prolific blog page. It focuses on enlisting the best resources to help you take out cancer now.

Are you at a Risk of Leukemia?
by admin4 over 3 years ago
Know all about Kidney Cancer Survival Rate
by admin4 over 3 years ago

Marijuana Medicine


Find a bursting assemblage of medically focused topics on weed here. Recent posts discuss marijuana's helpfulness for lung disease and multiple sclerosis.

Brian Koffman's Awesome Transplant and CLL Adventure


Blogger Brian lives a rather spartan existence. The doctor and family man owns neither a television nor a microwave. But his reluctance to participate in standard forms of popular living doesn't put a damper on his expertise when it comes to chronicling his experiences with leukemia. He explicates the ups and downs of life with the disease with heart and a physician's confidence. Fellow patients and their families too will appreciate his authenticity.

ASCO 2014: Dr. Susan O'Brien Reviews the 3 years follow-up Data on Ibrutinib in CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia)
by Brian Koffman over 3 years ago
ASCO 2014: Dr. Sharman Reviews the Results and Implication of a Single Agent Obinituzumab Poster in CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia)
by Brian Koffman over 3 years ago

Life with Leukaemia


From the African nation of Sao Tome e Principe, Angus' daughter Kezia was sent to England in the search of treatment for her burgeoning cancer. Fortunately, she has been in remission for the past few years. Still, Angus continues to write on sundry topics, all in some way inspired by the new mindset that any parent would enter upon hearing that his child received a loathsome diagnosis. Not every post tackles leukemia, but loyal followers will catch those as they come.

More Birthdays Campaign


Believe it or not, anti-smoking ads did come out in the 1960s. See what type of ads Don Draper and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would have created for the American Cancer Society.

David Beach's Blog: Chemotherapy


This site comes up first when you google "Chemotherapy Blog" and it's no wonder, since it's author was once deemed one of the 25 most influential people online by NetGuide magazine. This blog is packed with multimedia and accounts of the author's struggle with lung cancer.

Coming Back
by beach over 4 years ago

Jen's 3N Breast Cancer Chemo + Radiation Blog


Written for the author's friends and family during her "journey through the morass of healing this triple negative breast cancer," this blog accounts every step along the way to healing.

Cat Sneezing
by asep elix almost 3 years ago
Cat Spray
by asep elix almost 3 years ago

Chemotherapy Blog


A well-updated and detailed blog jam-packed with information regarding all facets of cancer and cancer treatment. Objective and informative.



Lance Armstong's organization, Livestrong, maintains a great blog which posts articles frequently and incorporates images, videos, and links to really enhance the reader's experience.

A Big C Competition Profile: My Health Sensei
by Guest about 4 years ago
Why Testicular Cancer Awareness and Treatment Still Matters
by Chris Brewer about 4 years ago

The Story of J-Grom


Unfortunately, Johnny wasn't able to survive his bout with cancer, succumbing to it recently. His family maintains his blog in his memory, as a testament to his light.

Alex Midler's 3rd Annual Rollathon
by Jules over 4 years ago
DC Shoes
by Jules over 4 years ago

Quilts for Leukemia


This blog looks to blanket the world in togetherness, in the service of leukemia research. See how quilting can support the fight for a cure here.