A diagnosis of cancer can frequently find their victims clamming up on their experiences; the shame and the pain are just too much to share with others. The blogger of this site definitely felt this way but decided to embark on something adventurous in order to overcome her trepidation: develop a blog themed on a persona of triumph. ChemoBabe is that persona, and she enables her writer to craft thoughtful and powerful posts on the art of getting over the chemo therapy and killing the cancer.

Putting my story to the side
by Chemobabe over 4 years ago

Voice of Survivors


The obvious goal for any battler of cancer is to progress from sufferer to survivor. But for as many varieties of scenarios exists around a diagnosis, there are equally as many variations on how the role of "survivor" can be defined. This site looks to chronicle a bounty of perspectives and points of view on the mentality and state of existence known only to those who've successfully kicked cancer to the curb. This is an uplifting and diversely sunny read.

Happy and Healthy


This blog opens with a devastating statistic: One out of every three Americans will in some way have a bout with cancer. Such a lead-in prepares readers to greet blogger Jenni's warm and welcoming posts with attention and thankfulness. Her blog is devoted to the art of cancer-free living, a lifestyle which she reveals must be maintained and made a priority. This blog carries a message of healthfulness and vitality that even those not yet having faced cancer can glean much from and employ.

4 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Insects
by Jenny about 3 years ago
Dentist Visit Tips Family Off to Daughter's Grapefruit-Sized Tumor
by Jenny over 3 years ago

Health Mango


This site offers articles on various health topics. Information has been posted on how certain foods may be good for your health and how smoking and sleep impacts health as well.



This blog originated from a Small Business Innovation Research award from the National Cancer Institute. The site offers health information to consumers and personal support through tips and guides.

Soft Serve Girl


Adriene Hughes successfully overcome cancer and blogged prolifically and excellently on her battle. Her blog consists of active contact links and an archive of her great writing.

Appendix Cancer Survivor


Appendix cancer is one of the rarest forms of the disease, not frequently heard of or mentioned. Carolyn's blog is all the more unique for chronicling her success against it.

Back again!
by Carolyn Langlie-Lesnik RN BSN about 3 years ago
New Blog
by Carolyn Langlie-Lesnik RN BSN almost 4 years ago

Diary of a Lymphomaniac


Late summer last year, Danell came down with lymphoma. This blog is her attempt to keep track of her quest to eradicate the illness from her life and move beyond it all.

Fitness for Survivors


One of the most crucial steps for cancer survivors is to ensure their physical fitness is maintained. This blog lets them on how to do it safely and effectively.

Motivation - Get It Where You Can
by Julie Goodale over 4 years ago
by Julie Goodale over 4 years ago

Cancer Culture Chronicles


One of the most difficult challenges to those grappling cancer is re-learning how to deal with unsuffering members of society. This blog captures that struggle and all its nuances.

Women with Cancer


Women in particular have found the strength in community and togetherness to be effective in the physical and mental struggles against cancer. This blog is an official outpost for that connection.

Stable Disease
by Jody over 3 years ago
by Jody over 3 years ago

Musings of a Twentysomething


This blogger, only in her twenties, has already survived not one but four bouts against cancer. Her tenacity and optimism shine through every post here.

Being Cancer


People forever rearranged and redefined by their cancer battle join together and blog of their lives' new meanings here. You'll find some of the best cancer writing anywhere here.

Radiation Therapy
by Dennis Pyritz about 4 years ago
Cancer Pathology Results
by Dennis Pyritz over 4 years ago

Broken to Serve: Chronicle of a Prostate Cancer Survivor


Many people report an increased connection to their faith after having squelched their illness. This blog chronicles one such person, who's cancer brought him closer to God.

9 YEARS!!!
by broken to serve over 2 years ago
The Challenge of Raising Awareness
by broken to serve almost 3 years ago

El Blog Del Cancer


This blog is a cancer survival page written for a Spanish-speaking audience. That shouldn't be enough to deter eager survival news fans from translating the page.

The Journal of a Prizefighter


This blogger met with a Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis early last decade. It chronicles the path from diagnosis to deliverance from the illness.

I Kicked Cancer's Ass


This twentysomething was attending law school on the eve of her diagnosis with cancer. Her blog captures her valiant fight and maintenance of the struggle.

One Miss Kelly P. Bergin


This New Yorker manages to maintain an upbeat outlook on her struggle against this horrible disease. The blog wields both humor and a quirky, heartfelt style.

Why Tattoos Matter to Me
by KPB about 4 years ago
Two Years.
by KPB about 4 years ago

The One Nut Wonder


This thirtysomething has successfully waged a battle against testicular cancer. Despite having lost of one his boys downstairs, he carries on with gusto and resilience.

What NOT To Ask The Urologist...
by Tom almost 3 years ago
PTSD and Cancer?
by Tom about 3 years ago

Obsessed with Life


Blogger Rachel has survived a rare spinal cord tumor at least three times. She and her husband contribute to this blog that commemorates her strength and poise.

Cancer Slayer


This blogger takes a triumphant and alternative approach to writing about cancer survival. For instance, she talks about how "chemo brain" can offer advantages.

Skin Cancer Survivor


Skin cancer is one of the most rampant forms of the disease around. Turn to this blog first for the latest information on waging combat with the illness.

Mothers with Cancer


Motherhood and melanoma don't mix cordially. Parents on this blog unite in order to stave off cancer's aim to diminish their capacity to be involved with family.

spring cleanse :: digestive tract tour
by modmomblog over 4 years ago

Blog for a Cure


This community of cancer survivors has banded together to compose myriad postings on life after the disease. It makes for an inspirational batch of reads.

One more to go
almost 4 years ago
Planning Permission
almost 4 years ago