Debbie Ducic


On this page, "gutsy women overcome the fear of technology and internet marketing."

Online Business


Business that function primarily online ought to head to this site pronto. It's bursting with articles on how to help you squeeze the most that you can out of telecom.

Protect Your Data With Online Backups
over 4 years ago
Online Backup Profile: SugarSync & Carbonite
over 4 years ago



Take the pulse of the tech world at any moment of time with the incredibly acute and perceptive posts here. Startups of the tech variety will benefit from what can be gleaned here.

IBM buys Ustream: is it a workforce communication play?
by Stowe Boyd over 2 years ago
Work chat Fleep’s slash commands and email integration
by Stowe Boyd over 2 years ago

BA Insight: Do More with Search


Blogger Kevin Brennan provides useful, practical, technical information in his blog posts. The content is complemented by a site that offers information about industry events, news, and career resources.

Vegas the city of….SharePoint
by Jillian Derby over 4 years ago
Developing an Effective Search Strategy for Office 365 and Hybrid Deployments
by Jillian Derby over 4 years ago

Enterprise Irregulars


A diverse and talented range of bloggers post commentaries here about enterprise technology. In particular, they write about the potential uses of technology in 21st-century business strategies. They also blog about public policy as related to business practices.

Blogging Innovation


This site will keep you updated on the latest news in entrepreneurship and Business Analysis strategies. It accepts submissions from readers, and currently boasts over 2,500 articles on entrepreneurship.

Innovation – the best (and last job) in a Machine World?
by Matthew Griffin over 2 years ago
Innovation is Change
by Braden Kelley over 2 years ago

Diedre Breakenridge


The blog spot offers interesting articles and posts on technology and how it's changing public relations. The use of social media and how it allows companies to connect directly with the public is a main focal point of the blog space.

In #PR This is all You Need to Know in 2016
by Deirdre Breakenridge over 2 years ago
Join #PRStudChat on Feb. 16th for a Discussion on #Creative #Content to Excite Your Community
by Deirdre Breakenridge over 2 years ago

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing


Don Dodge is a technical guy at heart, after all, that is where his skills lay. However, he is also a businessman and began his own software company many years ago. He thrives on startups and shares his knowledge by regularly updating his blog. Regardless whether you are technical or not, Don's blog has a lot of useful information.

Ycombinator - Where unicorns are born
by DonDodge over 3 years ago
My 5 predictions for 2015 and beyond
by DonDodge over 3 years ago

Cyber Journalist


This blog about being a journalist in the technology era, focuses on new tools and communication techniques for journalists to expand into. It has a hopeful message of excitement toward the future of journalism as a technology industry.

Google Is Hiring An SEO Manager To Improve Its Rankings In Google
about 3 years ago
Every video platform is different and requires different...
about 3 years ago

Grant Management Software Tips by IT Works


The Grant Management Software Tips by IT Works Blog offers tips, tricks, and information about grant management, grants management software, grant writing, and all other things concerning grants and effort reporting. We've got solutions to the problems that grants administrators deal with daily.



Digging Into Technology, Android, Smartphones, Mobile Phones, iPhone,

Innovative Nurse


This isn’t just your typical nursing site. We’re going to be discussing entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, innovative practices, technology, and the occasional personal story. Yes, we’ll of course be including nursing topics and clinical practice, but some of this will be about nursing outside of the box.

Getting Good With Yourself INS 28
by Kevin Ross, RN, BSN almost 3 years ago
Do You Know Who Your Avatar Is? INS 27
by Kevin Ross, RN, BSN about 3 years ago

Mobile Apps 4 Biz


Business technology articles and mobile application reviews geared toward business users. Focused on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone applications.

Mobile Apps for Salons and Parlours
by kapow over 2 years ago
Mobile Apps For Couriers
by kapow over 2 years ago

Android Apps Development Company


Android is an open source Linux based operating system primarily used for touch screen devices like smartphones, tablets and even other compatible devices. It is very compatible OS that works fine with available resources. There are numerous community of android application developers and android application programmers present in the market to extent capability and functionality of devices.

Apps Development Company


FuGenX Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Mobile Apps and Game Development Company.We are The Leading Mobile apps and game development company India. Our global presence in USA, UAE, UK .our Company is already stamped to providing successful services in mobile apps platforms like iphone, Android, Blacberry and ipad. Our Company goal is to always deliver the highest quality support and services to the Clients.

Android Apps Development Company


We are experts in developing apps and games in reasonable cost as you prefer .The developers in the company have strengthen their ideas to built the apps which can raise the business one source to other.FuGenX Technologies has years of experience in offering applications development and programming services throughout USA, UK, Middle East, Australia and India. We offer the most cost effective application development services without compromising the quality compared to any company in the market.

Imperial Winder


Reifenhauser India Marketing Ltd. is responsible for marketing and servicing of entire range of extrusion machinery and individual component like extruders, die, winders etc. in India.

Reifenhauser India


Reifenhauser India Marketing Ltd. is responsible for marketing and servicing of entire range of extrusion machinery and individual component like extruders, die, winders etc. in India.



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