Sports Items


One of the most important things parents can give to their children is a physical education or involvement in organized sports activity. Beyond recess, parents would do well to get their kids involved in additional physical education programs, like after-school programs or organized sports -- anything that involves moving the body, whether it's running track, playing soccer, playing basketball, practicing gymnastics. As Recommended by most of the specialists in the field of physical education, every child should get at least 60 minutes of structured play time every day. At this age a lot of repetition is needed in order to achieve the skill learning. Physical Education products demand has improved in exporting because parents can’t spare sufficient time to enhance the child efficiency and catching power. Here at Sports Land Group we diligently aim at delivering high quality, hygienic, harmless and heartwarming kids educational products, games and entertainment of all age group. The company was established in 1970 and targets to reach the position of the leading and renowned house for Educational Toys, Products and Games. We are committed to offering the best innovation in the market to help both young and old live more active and healthy lives. In our product category “PLAYTRIX” you will find not only kids products as we are regularly adding innovative Kids educational products by which child’s learning and education can be enhanced and made more fun. Playtrix Offers an extensive range of innovative quality educational play teaching resources for childcare centers and schools, teacher and parents. We will exceed your need , help you meet all requirements for children of all ages and engender the want to learn. The colorful props encourage children to participate in fun group activities and at the same time inculcated creativity & knowledge not t forget making them more creative. Playtrix covers the fundamental activities: Throwing Catching Jumping Running Balancing and many more. OUR FULL RANGE OF CHILD EDUCATION SPECIAL EQUIPMENTS OFFERS COMPLETE RANGE, CUSTOMIZED DESIGN AND AFFORDABLE PRICE. For more details please visit us on www.sportsland.in & www.sportslandgroup.com