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Concentrated is the key word for Karon Thackston and her Marketing Words Copywriting Blog as she rolls up her sleeves and digs in discussing assorted copy writing subjects. Her excitement about the field emits as she gives informative tips and articles that are guaranteed to be attention-grabbing.

Testing & Tweaking Boost Sales & Save You Money
by Karon Thackston almost 4 years ago
Building Content Marketing Funnels with Specific Goals
by Karon Thackston almost 4 years ago

Michel Fortin On Copywriting, Marketing And Life


Michel Fortin On Copywriting, Marketing and Life is a extremely informative weekly copy writing blog from an exceptionally informative person. Michel is eager to share his knowledge on copy-writing, Internet marketing and developmental skills, and he is definitely eager to share his personal opinions.

We’re Going “Wild” Around Here!
by Michel Fortin about 4 years ago
I’m Busting a Move (Again!)
by Michel Fortin over 4 years ago



This site was first created to find inspiration for home crafts and activities to get the family together. It has developed into a gathering place for product reviews (anything family related) and fun giveaways. I always am on the scout for the unique, especially when it comes to gift guides. I love photoshop and try to add what skills I have in the program in making my articles special and eye-catching.

Willie Out West, a book review
by noreply@blogger.com (Crystal Langley) over 2 years ago
Inside the Cover: NIV Bible for Men by Zodervan
by noreply@blogger.com (Crystal Langley) over 2 years ago

The Souffleur


Languages come to life when they are used to communicate a message. At the Souffleur,three important ways of communicating messages have been combined; translation, social media and copywriting.