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Wecan Media is a digital marketing agency offering services including web design, social media page design, logo design and marketing. Its blog discusses digital marketing as well as logo design for businesses.



Come here to gaze at great, and not so great, ads from everywhere in the world.. The not-so-great ads teach what what mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

Color Matters


At the groundwork of any school of therapy and healing is appreciation and recognition of some element of science at the fundamental level. In the vein of understanding the actual functioning of pigments, Color Matters provides an excellent background in the myriad ways that color works. Besides just therapy, visitors can learn about color symbolism and its affects in the worlds of business, marketing, and ecology.

A Marketing Student's Blog


Blogger Phil's blog may not address communications titularly, but the content of his site more than fills the bill for the field. A second-year pupil at a British University, Phil understands the huge potential rewards that can result from an intensive study of marketing, comm, and other similar fields. What's refreshing about his posts is Phil's embracing of the new and the trendy; Twitter, Starbucks, and Google's news and headlines are addressed with an erudite yet clear and compelling feel.

Trend Hunter


Marketing wizzes come here to soak the latest news on the trends that matter the most. Fashion, technology, music and art are all well-represented in many posts.