From Technical to Commercial The Book


I am starting to write a book about my career shift from technical to commercial. Basically I will be explaining how I managed to shift my career from a technical engineer to a salesman. The book outline is up, and I can’t wait to read your comments about it (specially the constructive ones). If you feel you have a special experience you would like to share on a specific topic that I address (or not), feel free to let me know.

HR Success Guide


A Comprehensive Guide to Successful HR Practices for Business Leaders and HR Professionals to Optimize their Organization's Talent and Manage Workforce.

Research Paper Writing Help in Uk


Research writing help is a few clicks away from students. A mentor or guide in the form of teacher can prove to be a difference maker in research paper writing. Students can also use the internet effectively and tools like Google Scholar can be life saver for students who are writing a research paper.

Alexandra Arabelo


We review and promote books that are worth spending time on reading to help authors get the maximum exposure they need on the internet.

10 Free Tools to Create Your Own Icon Font


In a time of whopping digitization where creativity lies at the pinnacle of UI designing, lending an edge to your website can be a challenging task. It so happens that your idea and strategy may be smashing, but making it look intriguing on the internet seems out of league. This is exactly where Icon Font come in! Icon Font are fonts which contain symbols and tiny graphics, usually used to accompany text. You may design letters too as icon font. The basic purpose of icon font is just to add that touch of completeness to your content. For more information : https://www.educba.com/10-free-tools-to-create-your-own-icon-font/

15 Best Bug Reporting Tools


Bug Reporting Tools List. In the Software Development Life Cycle tracking and finding bugs is one of the most important step. Without this step a software is not complete. It is a big deal to track, manage and solve every kind of bugs to build a perfect app. There are many bug tracking systems available in the market. Still choosing a right bug reporting software is not an easy job. You should consider a lot of things based on your project requirement. There are also few bug tracking systems which not only tracks the bug but also manages the full software and does various other tasks also. For more information regarding this course you can visit our website: https://www.educba.com/15-best-bug-reporting-tools/

10 Best Website Architecture Tools


A website’s information architecture has two major components: the definition and identification of site content and functionality, and the underlying structure, nomenclature and organization that defines the relationships between content and functionality. Website architecture is not part of the user interface on-screen, but it does inform UI. It is documented in diagrams and spreadsheets rather than wireframes, prototypes and comprehensive layouts. For websites, information architecture is the way that content is categorized and organized on the website. It forms the basis for navigation, user experience and nomenclature. For more information regarding this course you can visit our website: https://www.educba.com/10-best-website-architecture-tools/

Hard Skills vs Soft skills - Know the Difference


You very well understand that skill is an innate or acquired ability to perform a task with expertise. We do have different tasks to perform throughout our lives; since, we need to acquire different types of skills to meet our needs and requirements of the specific task. Let us now check out what are the different types of skills through the story of Peter. Once a huge merchant ship harbored on a port for trading. Once the trading was done and it was time for the ship to leave, it would just not start. Many expert engineers and other technicians tried to get it moving, but she stood there silently without making any noise. Even top technicians deployed on the port to help with ship maintenance failed to figure out the problem as to why the engine of the ship would not start. For more information regarding this course you can visit our website: https://www.educba.com/hard-skills-vs-soft-skills/

Networking Fundamentals - The TCP/ IP Guide


Most people want to become an IT technician, but all they know about are hardwares. Some start learning Linux Servers and some Windows Servers but everyone gets stuck at one point which they don’t consider as much important. And this is what I would be blogging about today. It’s all about clearing the fundamentals of networking. In short, I mean TCP/IP and other similar protocols. For more information regarding this course you can visit our website:https://www.educba.com/networking-fundamentals/

What are your career goals


If you’re just starting out, maybe you would have heard this while sitting for interviews – “What are your career goals?”, but maybe you didn’t know what they’re all about. You thought for a while in the interview room and gave a partly ambiguous answer or else if you’ve prepared for the interview before, you may have said something well-articulated. But do you have a clue how can we define career goals! Can you tell us what do you want to be in your career? Not only fresher, there are people in their mid-careers who are also searching for answers, trying different things and trying to figure out what works. And during this passion-ate period, all professionals are running after passion instead of understanding what works and what doesn’t. For more information regarding this course you can visit our website: https://www.educba.com/what-are-your-career-goals/

Emarketing vs Digital Marketing


With the advances in technology and communications, their varied applications in every day life, it has become a bit difficult to define certain terms and cannot possibly go by its literal meaning. For example, tele-medicine doesn’t mean consulting a physician over telephone but it is more broad-based to include transmission of text, images, videos of a patient live through satellite or broadband to an expert sitting at a different location and diagnosing the disease or ailment. Likewise, electronic marketing (Emarketing) denotes television and radio channels that transmit/broadcast programs to a large audience but it would not include those viewing a film on CD at home or in a theatre. Although in a technological sense all these applications are based on Emarketing. For more information regarding this course you can visit our website: https://www.educba.com/emarketing-vs-digital-marketing/

SAS vs R vs Python


If you are going to choose analytics profession then the major question that arises in your mind is “Which is the best tool for the job ?” It has been a battle for years and it is always hard to decide between the programming languages best suited for data analysis. Traditionally this question was raised against SAS vs R but now python has joined this discussion. So which is better between sas vs r vs python. Few years back it was difficult to trace the career path in these tools. But fortunately this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. But now analytics professional before deciding what technique they should apply, they are into the process of searching for the best tool to perform that task. There is a heavy competition between SAS vs R vs Python. But the honest answer is that each tool is unique in its own way. There is no universal winner in this context. Each tool has its own strength and weakness.