TSCPA Governmental Affairs


CPAs based in the state of Texas can congregate here to learn about the most recent in-state happenings in the world of accounting.

Why bother voting?
by Bob Owen about 4 years ago
Who is Mike Collier?
by Bob Owen about 4 years ago

Tax Research UK


This British blog finds Richard using his accountant skills to ruminate thoughtfully on taxation and economic policy. The English focus is not thick enough to ward off Americans.

Are HMRC planning to ignore country-by-country reporting?
by Richard Murphy over 2 years ago
Will Brexit be a mess? Read this
by Richard Murphy over 2 years ago



This blog provides sufficient critique and strong viewpoints to perhaps help you land that coveted CFO position. The realities of regulators and dividends are new topics.

Jeremy Newman


Blogger Jeremy incorporates his vast experience in the spheres of auditing and corporate finance into this page. He also enjoys writing on the international accounting scene.



This blog provides a way for readers to understand the nature of fraud just like a lawyer or accountant would. Securities fraud and insider trading are the biggest topics here.

LPL Must Pay Broker $630K After Defamatory Letter Campaign | IAG Breaking News
by Mark Astarita over 2 years ago
Fee Rate Advisory #4 for Fiscal Year 2016
by Mark Astarita over 2 years ago