Bryn Youngblut


Bryn might be a baby faced affiliate marketer, but he has some pretty grownup ideas about making serious money in this industry. His expertise is regularly featured in more traditional print and online outlets so his words hold some weight.

Great Read – Anything You Want
by Bryn Youngblut almost 4 years ago
Holy crap it’s been another year
by Bryn Youngblut almost 4 years ago

Cash Tactics


Cash Tactics is about the various aspects, strategies and tips involving Internet Marketing. More specifically I talk mostly about Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation and email. Run by Kris Trujillo the blog relays tips, ideas and strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers.

September. 3
by Randy over 2 years ago
It might be hard to
by Randy over 2 years ago

Click Newz!


This blog is a reference treasure chest for web marketers. It not only provides in depth and detailed explanation of ideas, problems and techniques related to affiliate marketing, Theres a bit of fluff in the form of industry events, but hey somebodies gotta promote that stuff.

You’re Guaranteed To FAIL If You Do This…
by Lynn Terry over 3 years ago
The Freedom in Discipline: How to Create the Amazing Life You Really Want!
by Lynn Terry over 3 years ago

Reve News


Just like everyone else on this list Carsten Cumbrowski, founder of Revenews, is an Internet marketer, entrepreneur and blogger. The blog is more focused on the business of affiliate marketing more than on affiliate marketing itself.

لعبة شاحنة التاكسي
by KingGame over 2 years ago
العاب ماهر للدراجة الهوائية
by KingGame over 2 years ago

Insure Me Blog


More tips, more breakdowns and more opinions that's what Insure Me's blog is all about. Despite being inactive for nearly two years, Insure Me's blog still has some great tips that may never go out of date.

CDF Networks


Had enough yet? Here's one more affiliate blog for the road. CDF Networks puts together really in depth articles that will help you to better understand how so many people make garbage- truck- loads of money through affiliate marketing. It's not easy, and its kind of dry, but if you want to make serious money, this site has some invaluable tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

Jonathan Volk


President of Surge Marketing, Jonathan's personal blog covers all topics business and affiliate marketing related. From profiles of successful entrepreneurs to tidbits of industry insider info and personal thoughts. Jonathan, an entrepreneur since the age of seven, uses the blog to share his stories and vision.

Web Publishing Blog


Run by Andrew, an entrepreneur and investor in web based businesses, the Web Publishing Blog focuses on monetizing domain names, advertising, and database marketing. Web Publishing Blog was created as a networking opportunity for Andrew, as well as a platform for sharing my. Andrew makes a lot of money. Read his blog.

Is your Internet IPO Crap?
by Andrew almost 4 years ago
Why is Processed Food Bad & Why We Keep Buying It
by Andrew almost 4 years ago

Tyler Cruz


Tyler is a Canadian blogger, entrepreneur, and affiliate marketer living in British Columbia. He's managed to piece together a very comfortable life for himself through the Internet and his various web-based ventures. The blog chronicles the day-to-day operations of web-based small businesses including blogging tips, affiliate marketing, inspirational and motivational posts, contests and competitions, guest posts, in-depth articles, reviews, and occasional personal posts.

An Overdue Update on My Affiliate Marketing Campaigns
by Tyler Cruz over 2 years ago
Votesy Updates: 3 Weeks Post Launch
by Tyler Cruz over 2 years ago

Cloud Ave


This blog focuses on how computers are improving in terms of business software and cloud computing. There's an equal concentration here on Macs and PCs.

Footprints in the Cloud


Information for small businesses about the cloud and software as a service. Allen is the CEO of a managed applications service and has a wealth of experience to share.

Blogtrepreneur Entrepreneur Blog


Two young brothers with a passion for online entrepreneurship built this blog into a powerful resource for their readers. Read interviews from top marketing experts and learn insightful tips such as how to make a mobile version of your blog.

The Secret That is the Bethany Mota Camera
by Blogtrepreneur over 2 years ago
Best Video Editing Software for Vlogging
by Hayden Miyamoto over 2 years ago

Become a Top Wedding Planner


Blogger Sharon Hill created this blog to help new wedding planners learn about starting and running a wedding planning business. Find information about how to look for clients to tips for certain theme weddings.

Wedding Planner Q&A – “How Do I Create a Workshop for Brides?”
by Sharon Hill over 2 years ago
Wedding Planner Q&A – “How Do I Attract High-End Brides?”
by Sharon Hill over 2 years ago

Cloud Scaling


A blog by one Randy Bias, Cloud Scaling is a great place to learn about the expanding world of cloud computing. In addition, Randy also speaks to the need for businesses to have a reliable scaling infrastructure in place.

Five Things OpenStack Needs to Do … Now.
by Randy Bias almost 3 years ago
Cloud … You’re Doing it Wrong!
by Randy Bias almost 3 years ago

ChrisG.com - The Business of Blogging and New Media


The site's founder, Chris Garrett, is a well-known internet marketing and online business consultant, new media industry commentator, blogging and social media coach, writer, speaker, and trainer. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Coca Cola, Heinz, Toshiba, and Proctor and Gamble. Learn from the expert how to grow your blog, boost traffic, and generate more income.

3 Essential (But Often Missed) Elements to Growing Your List
by Chris Garrett about 3 years ago
Grow Your Authority With Your Geekiness
by Chris Garrett about 3 years ago

Friday Traffic Report


Get blogging and marketing tips from a guy who has been in the business since 1991. Posts include not only blogging tips, but topics such as "How to recover a hacked Gmail account". His site also hosts a blogger job board where readers can browse hundreds of blogging job opportunities.

Finding The Leverage In Your Business To Grow Faster
by Jack Humphrey over 2 years ago
How I Learned About Getting Customers From Animal Planet
by Jack Humphrey over 2 years ago

Nicole on the Net


Nicole Dean is an experienced marketing coach, and her website offers some unique and interesting articles about blogging and life in general, such as "Prioritizing your Marriage (when you’re an Entrepreneur)".

Your Story is An Integral Part of Your Brand.
by Nicole over 2 years ago
Online Success Cast #43: Leonie Dawson
by Nicole over 2 years ago

Blog Marketing Experts


Hosted by a man who currently has his hand in the development of dozens of blogs, Blog Marketing Experts is designed to help readers develop the appropriate techniques to gain more exposure. The categories list is especially helpful as it allows readers to select a topic that they are interested in.

Blogging Is Your Best Chance At Online Success
by admin about 4 years ago
What is a Blog -Defined
by admin almost 5 years ago

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog


This blog, written by Liz Stauss with some guest bloggers sets out to show small and new business owners how to do things just a little bit differently. In addition, she uses thought-provoking articles that make you think about your own business in a new and exciting way.

Logic + Emotion


The title of this blog refers to the magically delicious recipe which, one could hypothesize, is the true secret to effective and indelible marketing schemes. Blogger David harnesses his Pratt-educated aesthetic and technique to the service of provoking his readers with spot-on and insightful posts that discuss great marketing. Students and currently marketing professionals alike will find a trove of tips and analyses here that might lead to an epiphany.

Hero, Hub and Hygiene: Where Marketing Meets Publishing
by David Armano over 2 years ago
Building A Modern Brand: Strategy, Creativity and Agility
by David Armano over 2 years ago

Forte Forum


Too much of the business of business school can feel like it takes place under the table. The Forte Forum brings some transparency to it all, from helping readers understand if the MBA is even the right degree for them to earn, to whether or not this current moment in their lives is the ideal one to begin the process. The Forum also lends an international viewpoint to the proceedings; America, as it demonstrates, doesn't have a lock down on every amazing b-school around.

Marketing College Tutor


Learn what makes effective marketing really pop on this site. You can take what you find her and implement it automatically.