If you're in online business, this blog will be helpful. It provides information on Business Analysis and Management for e-businesses, including checklists that will keep you on track.

A Marketing Student's Blog


Blogger Phil's blog may not address communications titularly, but the content of his site more than fills the bill for the field. A second-year pupil at a British University, Phil understands the huge potential rewards that can result from an intensive study of marketing, comm, and other similar fields. What's refreshing about his posts is Phil's embracing of the new and the trendy; Twitter, Starbucks, and Google's news and headlines are addressed with an erudite yet clear and compelling feel.

The Engaging Brand Blog


Sometimes with sweet, quirky humor, and sometimes with biting satire, The Engaging Brand Blog discusses everything from music to cartoons, but somehow relates it all to marketing and and business. Posts cover such a wide range of topics that readers never know what to expect next!

The Technology Investment To Blow Competitors Away
by Anna Farmery about 3 years ago
One Significant Business Answer YOU Must Know
by Anna Farmery about 3 years ago

The Marketing Student


This blog explores where communications, media, and psychology meet and inform one another. It's the perfect place to inject a bit more erudition into your studies.



This blog helps large companies determine how to infuse new technology into their marketing schemes. Twitter, Google, and True Blood have made for trendy posts here.

Land’s End Drops Gloria Steinem, #HelpKenyaNotKanye
by BL Ochman over 2 years ago
Google Docs adds very good Voice Typing
by BL Ochman over 2 years ago



Starting a home-based business is very popular with the rise of the Internet. Naomi Dunford gives some great advice on starting a business out of your home as well as tips and tricks of the trade. This is a blog you will want to save as a resource!

7 Drunken, Dire Warnings for Karaoke That Also Apply To Webinars, Workshops, and Keynote Speeches
by Naomi Dunford over 2 years ago
3-for-1 Special – Expires Thursday!
by Naomi Dunford over 2 years ago

The Lonely Marketer


The small business marketing manager is often a lonely job because it may be made up of just one person. In the beginning, you as the business owner may also be the marketing manager. This blog offers advice and tips to make the most of your marketing efforts.

PR News


The PR News blog and website offers the latest and greatest in news and strategies within the fields of PR and marketing. It's a nice looking site with a wealth of content.

David Meerman Scott


When not composing classic works of marketing literature, David provides sage advice on how to use the Web advantageously. He has particular understanding of Asian markets.

Sales Then and Now
over 2 years ago
Marketing Basics: Create Content Like a Publisher
over 2 years ago

Danny Brown


This blogger looks to humanize social media and make marketing more sociable with each post. This tenderness doesn't mean that it skimps on the requisite toughness, though.

Love’s Journey (Or Living Life Right)
by Danny Brown over 2 years ago
The Three Core Tenets Every Successful Blogger Needs to Have
by Danny Brown over 2 years ago

Brand Flakes for Breakfast


A career in marketing or advertising leaves little time to dilly-dally. Yet even the most frenetically scheduled execs must remain in the digital know to maintain relevance. Enter Brandflakes, a blog designed for such hurried folk that spotlights marketing news other sites and junkets miss, skip, or pass over. Brand-new media and technology permeates through most of the posts here, with the odd celebrity thrown in for good measure.

double dog dare for Coke
by Maureen Jones over 2 years ago
say HBD with your face
by Cory over 2 years ago

Wonder Branding


Wonder Woman was a classic cartoon to whose popularity and durability most everyone concedes. In the vein of long-lasting feminine strength, Wonder Branding examines how the fairer sex is best approached in marketing schemes. Soccer mom and blogger Michele loves duct tape, wishes she could watch more of the NFL, and knows exactly where the men get in wrong in wooing women: they fail to see into their insides and psyches. A must-read blog for the clueless on earning women biz.

Church of the Customer


The classic refrain holds that the customer is always right. Ben and Jackie's site here redefines that phrase as a bit passé for the modern day marketing pro. On this blog, customers aren't just right, they become a religion to be studied and imbibed in the hopes of business transcendence. Each post here sheds a great deal of light on how companies can create customers who demonstrate undying loyalty to their brand. An incredibly large readership ensures that these writers aren't preaching to the choir.

Marketing Words Copywriting Blog


Concentrated is the key word for Karon Thackston and her Marketing Words Copywriting Blog as she rolls up her sleeves and digs in discussing assorted copy writing subjects. Her excitement about the field emits as she gives informative tips and articles that are guaranteed to be attention-grabbing.

Testing & Tweaking Boost Sales & Save You Money
by Karon Thackston about 4 years ago
Building Content Marketing Funnels with Specific Goals
by Karon Thackston about 4 years ago

Michel Fortin On Copywriting, Marketing And Life


Michel Fortin On Copywriting, Marketing and Life is a extremely informative weekly copy writing blog from an exceptionally informative person. Michel is eager to share his knowledge on copy-writing, Internet marketing and developmental skills, and he is definitely eager to share his personal opinions.

We’re Going “Wild” Around Here!
by Michel Fortin over 4 years ago
I’m Busting a Move (Again!)
by Michel Fortin over 4 years ago

Gloria Rand's Blog - SEO, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing


Gloria Rand is a freelancing copywriter that has found her forte and took the ball and rolled with it. On her SEO, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing blog you will find three quarters of her posts are SEO directed. Among tips and techniques you will find a gem of an article on marketing with videos.



Joe Pulizzi, the co-founder the of the Content Marketing movement and founder of the Content Marketing Institute still manages to find time to keep his own blog. The Junta42 blog always provokes me to answer a call to action.

This Week in Content Marketing: How to Pen a ‘Content Marketing Is Dead’ Article
by Joe Pulizzi over 2 years ago
[NEW RESEARCH] B2B Manufacturers Stuck When It Comes to Content Marketing
by Joe Pulizzi over 2 years ago

Rashmi's Blog: Thought about People, Technology, and Running A Company


An excellent resource centered on helping companies understand how their customers think through cognitive anthropology. Essential for corporations interested in social media, branding, and marketing.

End of an era
by rashmi over 3 years ago



This blog offers readers help on marketing for small businesses. In addition, the blogger posts about the many aspects of business including SEO and social media to use to help grow your business.

How To Work With Bloggers To Promote Your Restaurant or Hotel
by Ramit about 3 years ago
10 Facebook Holiday Contests You Can Create Easily
by Ramit over 3 years ago

The Retail Email Blog


Email marketing is one of the best ways to market your small business because it is cost effective. This blog teaches you how to make the most of this type of marketing.

Cheapest Cell Phone Plans - Compare & Save!
by Hassan over 2 years ago
Best Senior Cell Phone Plans - Simple & Easy to Use
by Hassan almost 3 years ago

Bootstrapping Blog


This blog is devoted to showing you the best ways to help you start and grow a small business successfully with as little money as possible.

SmallBiz Marketing Blog


Corte Swearingen offers his readers tips on marketing ideas for small businesses regardless of how small your budget is.