Debbie Ducic


On this page, "gutsy women overcome the fear of technology and internet marketing."

TSCPA Governmental Affairs


CPAs based in the state of Texas can congregate here to learn about the most recent in-state happenings in the world of accounting.

Why bother voting?
by Bob Owen about 4 years ago
Who is Mike Collier?
by Bob Owen over 4 years ago



The Logo Design Guru speaks from professional experience. As a provider of branding solutions for small and start-up companies, the blog offers insight on basic logo design, Web design, and running a small business.

MycroBurst Blog


This blog is where small business owners and graphic designers converge. Find logo and graphic design solutions and creative talent on display.

Wecan Media Blog


Wecan Media is a digital marketing agency offering services including web design, social media page design, logo design and marketing. Its blog discusses digital marketing as well as logo design for businesses.

Get Me Jamie Notter


Jamie shares a lot of his information about his own person experiences of being a VP of a large company. His blog is place where he feels at home to share and you can glean from his words of wisdom.

One of My Favorite Consulting Questions
by Jamie Notter over 4 years ago
Scaling Up Excellence (Review)
by Jamie Notter over 4 years ago

Home Based Business Mom


If you are a stay at home mother or father, follow this blog to see how this blogger made a career while being at home. The Internet is a powerful tool and the bloggers here share tons of information about working from home.

Blue Deer Designs


Blue Deer Designs blog is a hub for all of your marketing needs. Look for tips, advice, and recommended tools to help your marketing gain an edge.



Many small business owners do not realize how big of an impact (for the better) that social media can have on their business. Fiona Powell will show you how to make the most of social media in your favor.

Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog


While this blog is not maintained by women, it is primarily concerned with leadership tactics and there are numerous posts of interest regarding women, leadership and the challenges businesswomen face from the other side of the glass ceiling.

Powerful Insights of Workplace Dynamics
by John Agno over 4 years ago
The Cure for CEO Disease
by John Agno over 4 years ago

Beyond the Glass Ceiling


This blog is designed to help women develop their careers. It offers advice from planning and strategy to resolving and preventing workplace issues.



Rehaul offers information on business topics, such as HR, technology, social networking, and recruiting. The blog is authored by HR veteran Lance Haun, who has been featured in such publications as HR Magazine and FastCompany.

Kids These Days
by Lance Haun over 2 years ago
Every 2016 Prediction for HR Will Be Wrong
by Lance Haun over 2 years ago

Time Leadership


No matter how far in management you are, even at the top of the company, without time management skills, you can falter from being a so-so leader to a fantastic leader. This blog is devoted to helping you make better use of your time.

More Xavier Austen Pictures
by noreply@blogger.com (Jim Estill) over 3 years ago
Xavier Charles Estill Austen
by noreply@blogger.com (Jim Estill) over 3 years ago

Management Craft


This blog will ensure that its readers remain in the know about the latest in findings on excellent managerial skill. Oprah and Brazil rank as recent and popular topics.

Found on a Scrap of Paper
by Lisa Haneberg over 3 years ago
The Privilege of Leadership and Four Promises We Should Make Team Members
by Lisa Haneberg over 3 years ago

Say Leadership Coaching


Hawaii may carry a reputation of chill casualness that seems to be anathema to hardcore business. This blog lets you in on the island's acumen excellence.

On Trend: Your Values, 2016
by Rosa Say over 2 years ago
Each New Year a Gift
by Rosa Say over 2 years ago

Three Star Leadership


With a focus on cultivating better bosses and leaders, Wally Bock's blog occasionally employs a little appropriate humor to keep readers interested in the most boring of corporate subjects. The blog is easy to skim but also offers the opportunity to gain some real business insight.

4/26/14: This Week's Posts about Writing
by Wally Bock about 4 years ago
4/25/14: Stories and Strategies from Real Life
by Wally Bock about 4 years ago

800 CEO Read


This blog is the brainchild of a business book company that wanted to expedite the shipment of informative literature. Their posts are the fastest and funnest ways to that end.

Thinker in Residence: Nicholas Carr
by dylan over 3 years ago
An Excerpt from Chinese Rules
by dylan over 3 years ago



Though not always workplace specific, blogger Michael Wade shares his humorous thoughts on anything and everything related to the executive business life. Anybody, no matter what business they are in, can find something to laugh at on the execupundit.com blog.

The Incomparable Bate
by noreply@blogger.com (Michael Wade) over 2 years ago
Bardot Break
by noreply@blogger.com (Michael Wade) over 2 years ago

Dale Carnegie


This blog, the byproduct of a self-improvement company, specializes in helping readers better themselves to improve their businesses. The advice is applicable at any moment in your search.

Three Sales Coaching Tips
by robertr over 4 years ago
Be a Better Leader Today with these Tips for More Effective Leadership
by robertr over 4 years ago

Management Excellence


Art Petty, an expert at coaxing greatness from untapped potential leaders, puts out many of his ideas in this blog site. It's a great one to improve a little bit every day.

Leadership Caffeine™—The Human Cost of Mismanaging Change
by Art Petty over 2 years ago
Leadership Caffeine™ Podcast #21—Full Potential Running
by Art Petty over 2 years ago