John Baker


Mystery writing, like any type of writing, requires consistent commitment. Blogger John provides an excellent example of great narrative resulting from dedication.

Happy Days
by john baker about 4 years ago
The Gynaecologist’s Wife
by john baker over 4 years ago

Chick Lit Reviews


British literature blogs can understandably carry a stuffy reputation. These are sites you visit to seriously intellectualize, to lift analytical dumbbells with literary heavyweights, right? Chick Lit Reviews thankfully provides a cleanse to the biblio-mania. The site focuses on works that appeal to women and older girls who would take happy hour over Hemingway, but who still adore a good book. That said, don't expect fluff exclusively. These reviewers wield tough mugs when they need to.

Book Review: Time to Say Goodbye by S. D. Robertson
by chicklitchloe about 2 years ago
Book Review: The Stylist by Rosie Nixon
by chicklitchloe about 2 years ago

This Space


"Britain's first book blogger" has commendably remained among the country's best composed and most compulsively readable literary sites. Blogger Steve utilizes This Space as a low-suds soapbox for his opinions on literature and its interactions with life. At the same time, he frequently posts queries and ideas that urge viewers to consider the nuances and preferences of their own readership. This mental interactivity sets This Space apart and keeps it at must-read status.

by Stephen Mitchelmore about 2 years ago
by Stephen Mitchelmore over 2 years ago

Baroque in Hackney


Poetry continues to play an unfortunate second fiddle in the opera of literary art forms. While fiction courts the lion's share of mass glamor and attraction, you can often be hard-pressed to locate more than one die-hard poetry fanatic per thousand-mile radius. Blogger Katy successfully defies this poetical disrespect. Sonnets, paeans, and great contemporary work in poetry receive lovingly rendered reviews and opinions. An endless wave of critical hosannas corroborates BiH's excellence.

John McCullough: blog tour guest post no. 4
by Ms Baroque almost 4 years ago
Jen the Zen: or, how we live today
by Ms Baroque almost 4 years ago

The Midnight Bell


Formally the London News Review Books Diary, this new-fangled form wields similar impact to the original. The ebony styling lends a nocturnal polish to the site.

Pepys Diary


One big trend in Brit lit blogs of today is to stage a site that chronicles the historical affairs of a notable writer of the past. This great one for Samuel Pepys stands out.

Wednesday 29 May 1661
by Samuel Pepys almost 4 years ago
Tuesday 28 May 1661
by Samuel Pepys almost 4 years ago

The Elegant Variation


Engage with British literature at its most prestigious levels with this often-praised blog. Top-notch writing and analyses help to substantiate the attention.

2015 PEN Emerging Voices Fellowship now accepting applications!
by TEV almost 4 years ago



To describe this blogger as an avid reader would be to color an elephant as a little large. John devours books like great food and encourages you to have a similar appetite.

Mihail Sebastian: For Two Thousand Years
by John Self about 2 years ago
On reading
by John Self over 2 years ago



This blog works as a cross-section of visual art and literature. Those who can't pick a preferred art form will find contentedness here.

Mind the Gaps: Jack Cox’s Novel “Dodge Rose” – part 1
by Terry over 2 years ago
Sebald Program on German Radio
by Terry over 2 years ago

Cornflower Books


Find a new book worth your reading on this sweet and insightful page. It specializes in quick yet thorough write-ups on great modern books.

Tree books
by Cornflower about 4 years ago
At the writing desk with Alan Bradley
by Cornflower about 4 years ago

Harriet Divine


Find reviews on books and sometimes even more here. The literature critiqued here speaks to a certain charming and sophisticated lifestyle.

Cold Courage
by Harriet Devine about 4 years ago
The Ruby Slippers
by Harriet Devine about 4 years ago

Just William's Luck


Books, music, theater, art, and cinema all receive excellent reviews and attention on this site. You can also check out blogger Will's delightful photos.

The Last Pilot
by William Rycroft almost 3 years ago
Remember me?
by William Rycroft about 3 years ago

Vulpes Libris


A coven of foxy bibliophiles gathers together to conjure remarkable book reviews here. The critiques are lengthy yet are enjoyable all the way through.

Anthony Gardner’s Fox
by Kate about 2 years ago
Coming Up This Week
by Jackie about 2 years ago

The Beat


Take a break from the weighty novel and opt for poetry, flash fiction, and short stories as they appear here. If you write in these genres, feel free to contribute your work.



The Bronte sisters formed one of literature's most durable triumvirates. Enjoy the latest news and analyses of the writing of each here.

For Jane Eyre life is no joyride
by Cristina about 2 years ago
A new Jane Eyre in BBC Radio 4 (and more)
by M. about 2 years ago

A Don's Life


Described as "wickedly subversive," Mary's blog on both contemporary and historical reads commands attention. Come here for a Cambridge prof's sense of style.

Problems with the Crimea -- ancient style
by Mary Beard about 4 years ago
The "new" British Library -- and "new" Galen
by Mary Beard about 4 years ago

Writing Our Way Home


There's more to British literature than just reading respected volumes. This blog gets Brit lit fans to take up their own pens and get writing themselves.



London denizen Guy both writes and reviews prime British literature. He also comments on the literary review scene with aplomb.

Stuck in a Book


There's no better place to be firmly entrenched that in a satisfying new read. Simon supplies reviews of several news books regularly that you deserve to be lost in.

The Great British Bake Off: Series 6: Episode 7
by StuckinaBook over 2 years ago
Books wot I have done bought
by StuckinaBook over 2 years ago

The Art of Fiction


Taking its name from a famous essay by Henry James, this blog delves into the nuances of the creative act. Those wanting additional perspective on Brit lit will enjoy.

Oh, God that time of year again...
by Adrian Slatcher about 2 years ago
The Dreamers by Gilbert Adair
by Adrian Slatcher over 2 years ago