The Rising


This is my blog telling my story about my breast cancer. A raw account of a drive by cancer diagnosis.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
by Sondria over 4 years ago

Inspiring Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy


Metastatic breast cancer is all but ignored by the main-stream breast cancer community. We must not upset the 'survivors' but 30% of those survivors with become metavivors. We just want our fair share of acceptance, awareness and research funding.

Encounter with Dr Susan Love
by teddybearwannabe about 4 years ago
Feeling better, getting worse
by teddybearwannabe about 4 years ago



A blog where humor gets me through breast cancer. Really hoping you can laugh through the lumps with me!

The Adventures of Jellybean and Beanhead


A personal journey of 2 best friends and Metastatic Breast Cancer. Here to inspire cancer patients with our adventures and stories. We want this website to be a resource for those facing Metastatic Breast Cancer, or any type of Metastatic diagnosis. We want this website to be a resource that doesn’t focus on the fear, but instead encourages everyone to share their own adventures, and to find a joyful place to learn about the personal side of Cancer."

Our Trip To Boston For The World Series
by jellybean over 4 years ago
The Breast Cancer Walk 2013
by jellybean over 4 years ago

My Left Breast


A profound and profane look at the process of going through breast cancer. How to remain sane and centered through this life changing experience, while keeping your sense of humor.