my Breast Cancer blog


A visually stunning blog highlighting one woman's cancer experience. The author's voice is unique and playful in tone, especially in articles that redirect the focus from cancer to her daily life.

I Will Not Fix Everything in 2014
by Jacki over 4 years ago
NINE Years, NINE Days
by Jacki over 4 years ago

Beth's Blog


Beth's love of marathons has not dipped despite her recent experience with cancer. This blog captures her defiance in the face of the life-threatening illness.

Lombardi/CBCC Avon Team


We are a compassionate group of women and men taking steps to fight breast cancer by participating in the annual 39.3-Mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Washington, DC. We represent Lombardi/Capital Breast Care Center (CBCC), a community-based arm of Georgetown Lombardi that provides breast cancer screening services and promotes health and wellness to women in the Washington, DC, area regardless of their ability to pay.

I'm getting my boobs chopped off


An honest account of the options available to someone with a BRCA2 genetic mutation