Bringing Up Goliath


This wife and mother simply refuses to allow breast cancer to disrupt her life any more than it has to. This blog is focuses on inspiration, not only the illness.

Secrets and Sons
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Damaged Goods
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Toddler Planet


Blogger Susan survived inflammatory breast cancer four times in order to mother her two sons. She proves that the cancer fight, though arduous, can be won brilliantly.



Motherhood and mastectomies elbow one another on this site. It deals with the ways in which cancer can prompt serious infertility issues.

by baby over 4 years ago
by baby over 4 years ago

The Dinoia Family


A blog that describes our crazy lives as a Foreign Service family. A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2010 added to the insanity of our lives. I have continued to blog about our family, but have intertwined my dealings with my diagnosis, treatments and return to normalcy as a cathartic measure.

Perpetual August
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Can you spot....
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I'm a 4 year survivor writing to inspire and support other mums currently battling breast cancer at the same time as trying to raise a family. I am in the process of writing a book and would love input from other mums. Being a mum is tough under normal circumstances, throw in a diagnosis of breast cancer & you'll discover its impossible to be a supermum when you're being a chemo mum. Come visit my brand new blog and see if my experience can help you through yours.