Beating Breast Cancer


One of the most potent killers of women meets its match in this blog that takes on breast cancer issues head-on.

My Fight With Breast Cancer


Written by a young woman whose breast cancer was initially misdiagnosed as a cyst, this blog is an account of the most dramatic year in the author's life. Luckily, she comes out triumphant.

Rethink Breast Cancer


Women who feel disheartened about a recent diagnosis should look here for the latest word on relief from the cancer. Dieting to help in your fight is a frequent topic.

Kickin' Cancer's Ass


A mother-daughter team blog jointly about the difficulties of conquering inflammatory breast cancer. BC is belittled to inspiring and incendiary effect over and over here.

Positives About Negative


The best place on the web for information about triple-negative and other forms of hormone-negative breast cancer. Survival statistics, treatment options, healthy lifestyle suggestions. Motivation, inspiration, humor, understanding. Don't let docs scare you. Read this blog.

Out of the Ashes
by Patricia Prijatel over 2 years ago
Life After Breast Cancer: Painting
by Patricia Prijatel over 2 years ago

Sue's Boob Blog


Blogger Sue employs wit and a fiery personality to create her posts themed on her survival of BC. Each post demonstrates a woman whose spirit was always robust.

Signs From the Universe Are Everywhere
by N about 4 years ago
5 Simple Facts About Realm of The Mad God Hack Explained
by N about 4 years ago

Lan's Breast Cancer Blog


Based in British Columbia, Lani has had to deal with breast cancer while simultaneously raising a 19-month-old. She blogs about chemo and thoughts of kindergarten here.

Programs In Realm of the Mad God Hack Clarified
by N about 3 years ago
Realm of the Mad God Hacks
by N almost 4 years ago

Under the Oaks


After a bout with colorectal cancer, Tina had to later grapple breast cancer less than a year later. She credits her faith and her family for her steadfastness in the struggle.

Six Years!
by Tina about 3 years ago
Oct. 2014: Summer's Gone; Fall is Here!
by Tina over 3 years ago

It Can Happen to Anyone...


Thankfully Sophie has survived breast cancer since the summer of 2007. But her blog reminds others that cancer of any type can afflict anyone, at any time.

Medify Blog


Medify helps patients and families more easily find and make sense of medical research. Our blog focuses on bringing new information on research and treatments for Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Lymphoma and Leukemia to you on a daily basis.



WhereWeGoNow was created for cancer survivors living "new normal" lives of resilience, focus and courage. WWGN members make up an interactive, vibrant community of cancer survivors creating inspired healing, wellness and live out loud joy!

The Never-Ending Cancer Guilt Trip
by Debbie over 2 years ago
What I Learned in Therapy
by Debbie almost 3 years ago

The Adventures of OBB


A blog about my battle with aggressive breast cancer at the age of 31 whilst being a mom to a toddler and living in a new country. It chronicles through diagnosis, treatment and then what happens after...

Why It Hurts
by Teamobb over 2 years ago
Hello Stranger
by Teamobb over 2 years ago

Your Brain After Chemo


Your Brain After Chemo is a blog about the cognitive side effects of cancer treatment. It is based on the book, "Your Brain After Chemo: A Practical Guide to Lifting the Fog and Getting Back Your Focus" by Dan Silverman, MD, PhD, and Idelle Davidson

In Rats, Transplanting Human Neural Stem Cells Restores Cognitive Function
by Idelle Davidson over 3 years ago
"Brain Freeze," A Poem by Susan Rubin
by Idelle Davidson over 3 years ago

Pretty Pink Packages


This blog is all about my journey with cancer. I was a 38 year old woman diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Lobular and Ductal Carcinoma. I try to share the information I've learned along the way and am continuing to learn with my readers - in hopes of providing them with knowledge that will help them be able to make better decisions.

Almost a year...
by browneyedgirl over 3 years ago
SWIMMERS...Getting Wet to Save the Set
by browneyedgirl over 4 years ago

My Breast Cancer Journey


My journey with breast cancer at age 37. The roller coaster ride of emotions that go with this journey and the impact that it has had on my husband, children, mom, and sisters.

War on Cancer


I write a blog for my dear friend who was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of breast cancer this summer. Her mother was diagnosed shortly after my friend and is following the same steps on her journey with the same aggressive breast cancer.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer, I Won't Back Down!


In 2010, I created a blog website called, Triple Negative Breast Cancer, I Won’t Back Down! http://mlsspaskvan.blogspot.com. My site provides information and inspirational stories in reference to the disease of TNBC. It is a place where I document my journey, post photos and bond with the 15% of women diagnosed with my rare form of breast cancer. My audience consists of approximately 120,000 viewers from across the globe and my mission is to bring hope and motivation to other women living the fear of this disease. In August 2009, diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Stage 2 (pT2, PNO, mMX), Age 41. I am a 4yr. survivor, this is my journey...

Tales of a Three Time Breast Cancer Warrior


3 Time Breast Cancer Warrior, Aspiring Writer, Check out my blog at http://trinaschilling.wordpress.com/ I wrote my memoir for my 16-year-old son while undergoing chemo therapy. My blog contains excerpts from my manuscript as well as insights as I continue to battle breast cancer.



We are an online community and resource for women with breast cancer who want information about the integration of natural and holistic therapies into their allopathic cancer treatments.

To Dwell or Not to Dwell in Cancer Town
by Jenn Jaye almost 4 years ago
by kblock almost 4 years ago

A Breast Cancer Memoir


This memoir is an account of my experience learning that I had DCIS, as well as other kinds of early breast disease, and my decision to have a double mastectomy. My blog contains many useful links for support resources. It also has many links useful for adopting a healthier lifestyle.

My Journey through Breast Cancer and Beyond


Follow my journey through breast cancer and beyond. Diagnosed with stage IIB Lobular Carcinome at age 37, married with two children. This is my story.