Soft Serve Girl


Adriene Hughes successfully overcome cancer and blogged prolifically and excellently on her battle. Her blog consists of active contact links and an archive of her great writing.

Cancer Culture Chronicles


One of the most difficult challenges to those grappling cancer is re-learning how to deal with unsuffering members of society. This blog captures that struggle and all its nuances.

With God All Things Are Possible


Blogger Sarah relies on her relationship with God to provide emotional sustenance through this difficult battle. Those who don't believe also find plentiful inspiration here.

Susan's Blog from Advocates 4 Breast Cancer (A4BC)


Susan's Blog from Advocates 4 Breast Cancer (A4BC) Breast cancer changed my life. I have experienced amazing highs and unfortunate lows. As a result, I am a patient advocate blogging about my experiences. I also started a non-profit (A4BC) dedicated to breast cancer advocacy.

Update on Scans
by Susan over 2 years ago
Testing #Scanxiety
by Susan over 2 years ago



Please browse my blog of my fight with cancer and sign my guest book to let me know what you think. Thank you.

Living as Number 17


Diagnosed with cancer in 2012 The cancer I have is rare it's called Mammary Analogue Secretory Carcinoma this will be the blog for my treatments

The 1 year update
by admin over 4 years ago

Fierce is the New Pink


This girl is only 27 years old and just had a Mastectomy. She is about to start radiation. However, her story is also interesting because she had bone cancer when she was 12, survived, and later lost her leg. She writes with honesty about having cancer, emotions, and how she thinks people perceive her situation. She says a lot of things a lot of people are afraid to say. Sometimes she is funny, sometimes intensely emotional.

Cancer Isn't Pink


My journey through breast cancer - testing, diagnosis, surgery, treatment, reconstruction, daily life and relationships.