My life with Cancer


A little space I created to vent about my feelings and experiences while being diagnosed, treated and recovering from breast cancer.

Breast Cancer - Seriously? I Have Breast Cancer ~ It Does Not Have Me!


This blog tracks what I have learned and experienced since my initial breast cancer diagnosis in 2003. I talk about my cancer, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, doctor/patient relationships, advocating for yourself, and many more topics.

My Journey through Breast Cancer and Beyond


Follow my journey through breast cancer and beyond. Diagnosed with stage IIB Lobular Carcinome at age 37, married with two children. This is my story.

The Pink Paper


The Pink Paper is a quarterly magazine devoted to providing an oasis of HOPE for all women and men of strength and spirit. Each week we feature a guest blogger who's a survivor/THRIVER and/or expert in their respective field. This contribution is from Wanda Davis regarding inner healing with the help of energy therapy.

Ta ta to the ta-tas


BRCA1+ 30-something that records her journey through a prophylactic mastectomy and hysterectomy

Brave Bosom


I write about life from a previvor's perspective.

Please, keep the pink


My name is Charity, and on Thursday May 30, 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 3c inflammatory breast cancer at the age of 27. Through this blog, I will document my journey from diagnosis, to treatment and ultimately to being cancer free! I hope that this blog can bring a little humor to the dreaded "C word" and also raise breast cancer awareness in young women!

Took my prosthetics and bra off halfway through my workday and...
almost 4 years ago
It just feels so good!
about 4 years ago

Some Girls Prefer Carnations


I began this blog the day after my diagnosis with inflammatory breast cancer. I posted consistently throughout my treatment (chemotherapy, mastectomy, and radiation) and recovery. The subject matter of the posts is mostly personal, but several posts comment on articles I've read or discussions I've had. I tried to find the humor in the circumstances and discuss the balance of being a patient, wife, mother, and working scientist. I've written 200 posts and have nearly 100,000 pageviews.

Bloomin Boobs


I'm a stage IV Metastatic breast cancer survivor. I've decided though I'm just going to skip stage V and move right on to Stage VI, VII, VIII and so and so on. These after all the next stages in my life.

Cancer Isn't Pink


Cancer Isn't Pink is where I am keeping track of my journey through breast cancer, diagnosis, surgeries, recovery, relationships and life in general.

Cancer Isn't Pink


My journey through breast cancer - testing, diagnosis, surgery, treatment, reconstruction, daily life and relationships.

My Left Breast


A profound and profane look at the process of going through breast cancer. How to remain sane and centered through this life changing experience, while keeping your sense of humor.

My Breast Cancer Journey


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. This is my story so far.

Busting Through Breast Cancer


Male Breast Cancer Survivor, Speaker, Stage Magician and Activist Khevin Barnes travels and speaks to women (and whatever men he can find!) about Breast Cancer



A journal chronicling my experience as my 32 year old girlfriend faces breast cancer.

Taking BRCA Control


The pin had been officially pulled and my grenade was armed… it would detonate, I just didn’t know when. Taking BRCA Control is humble blog about my decision as a BRCA1+ 30 year old to undergo a preventative bilateral double mastectomy to rage war on genetics.

The Middle of the Journey


I write about the joys and struggles of mid-life, focusing on my experience with breast cancer. I do this to provide support, encouragement, and comfort to those facing similar challenges. There is power in sharing our stories.

Call it “Alternative” or Call it “Functional”


Alternative medicine is a term which not only underrates the medical practice, but it is also a misnomer. Dr. Sergey Kalitenko knows this as he has been incorporating anti-aging, functional and holistic treatments in his traditional practices for years.

Amy Byer Shainman @BRCAresponder


Hereditary Cancer/BRCA Advocate Amy Byer Shainman a.k.a. @BRCAresponder focuses on hereditary cancer and cancer genetics.