The Rising


This is my blog telling my story about my breast cancer. A raw account of a drive by cancer diagnosis.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
by Sondria almost 5 years ago

The Big "C" Can Suck It!


"The big "C" can suck it! Adventures of kicking cancer in the teeth." is the wit and wisdom of one 31 year old woman's journey of surviving and thriving through breast cancer.

Cancer to 10K
by Katherine Warrick about 3 years ago
The no-so-terrible two's
by Katherine Warrick over 3 years ago



I'm a 4 year survivor writing to inspire and support other mums currently battling breast cancer at the same time as trying to raise a family. I am in the process of writing a book and would love input from other mums. Being a mum is tough under normal circumstances, throw in a diagnosis of breast cancer & you'll discover its impossible to be a supermum when you're being a chemo mum. Come visit my brand new blog and see if my experience can help you through yours.

Cancer In My Thirties


At 33 I was told that the lumps in my breast were probably nothing. So I did nothing, believing that I was "too young for breast cancer." Shortly after my 34th birthday--and now with no health insurance--I discovered that Cancer didn't care how old I was. On my twin kindergartners' birthdays, the diagnosis of Her2 positive Stage 3C breast cancer rocked my foundation and changed my world in an instant. This is the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful of my cancer diagnosis and everything that has followed. This is my story: http://cancerinmythirties.com

Breast Cancer? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!!!


I'm too young for this, right? I have a sweet new baby, a 4th grade daughter, a husband, a job, a household to run and now breast cancer at age 38. Ain't nobody got time for that!

The Pink Veneer
by Jennifer Faddis almost 4 years ago
Summer Camp For Grown Ups!
by Jennifer Faddis almost 5 years ago



Living with late onset, worsening chemobrain. Fearless friend to all, especially those with metastatic disease. Determined to see donor dollars are put in the hand of those who will do the most good: research and to help the underserved.

by AnneMarie Ciccarella over 2 years ago
by AnneMarie Ciccarella over 2 years ago

To Stage IV and beyond - LIVING with breast cancer


Metastatic breast cancer is seen as incurable, but many of us are LIVING with it more than we are dying of it. I am surviving and thriving inspite of it, even though the journey is not an easy one and this is my journey.

Metastatic Mid-Life Crisis?
by Sticki Vicki over 4 years ago
We are all in this together
by Sticki Vicki over 4 years ago

Your Brain After Chemo


Your Brain After Chemo is a blog about the cognitive side effects of cancer treatment. It is based on the book, "Your Brain After Chemo: A Practical Guide to Lifting the Fog and Getting Back Your Focus" by Dan Silverman, MD, PhD, and Idelle Davidson

In Rats, Transplanting Human Neural Stem Cells Restores Cognitive Function
by Idelle Davidson over 3 years ago
"Brain Freeze," A Poem by Susan Rubin
by Idelle Davidson over 3 years ago

Faith Hope and Lattes


A domestic abuse and 26 year metastatic breast cancer survivor who was originally diagnosed at only 36 years of age, shares her story to encourage and inspire others in their own journey.

New Vaccine for Breast Cancer?
by Casey McDougall over 3 years ago
We're Back
by Casey McDougall over 4 years ago

Inspiring Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy


Metastatic breast cancer is all but ignored by the main-stream breast cancer community. We must not upset the 'survivors' but 30% of those survivors with become metavivors. We just want our fair share of acceptance, awareness and research funding.

Encounter with Dr Susan Love
by teddybearwannabe about 4 years ago
Feeling better, getting worse
by teddybearwannabe about 4 years ago

The Sarcastic Boob


Determined to Manage Breast Cancer with the Same Level of Sarcasm with which I Manage Everything Else



A blog where humor gets me through breast cancer. Really hoping you can laugh through the lumps with me!

Susan's Blog from Advocates 4 Breast Cancer (A4BC)


Susan's Blog from Advocates 4 Breast Cancer (A4BC) Breast cancer changed my life. I have experienced amazing highs and unfortunate lows. As a result, I am a patient advocate blogging about my experiences. I also started a non-profit (A4BC) dedicated to breast cancer advocacy.

Update on Scans
by Susan over 2 years ago
Testing #Scanxiety
by Susan over 2 years ago

Ashley Kicking Cancer


Happy New Year 2012! You have breast cancer. Being diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 was not something Ashley was expecting to be dealing with at her age. In her blog she shares her story as a young women dealing with breast cancer. Through surgeries, embryo preservation, chemo, radiation... the ups and downs, the mad, sad and the glad. Ashley tells it like it is. Kicking cancer into oblivion. One day at a time.

And Then I Didn't Blog For 6 Months
by ashley almost 4 years ago
Is This Real Life?
by ashley over 4 years ago



Please browse my blog of my fight with cancer and sign my guest book to let me know what you think. Thank you.

Time to Consider the Lilies


Yvonne hails from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and has lived in the desert southwest of the United States for over 20 years. Married, with a daughter who has recently entered the "teen tunnel," and a haughty cat, Atticus, Yvonne has spent the better part of the last three decades in the classroom as a student, teacher, and administrator. Her mid-life crisis came as a sneaky cancer diagnosis which subsequently sent her to the blogosphere where she has found a virtual home away from home . . .

She Still Dreams in Colour


It’s weird how your life can change in a few seconds. It felt like a bad dream and I could not wake up. A sad movie. Someone else’s story. But no this is really about me. At the age of 30 I was being diagnosed with breast cancer. I decided to start this blog to write, scream, curse, laugh and cry about it.

This is her fight song
by Ciel over 2 years ago
Let the river in
by Ciel over 2 years ago

Pretty Pink Packages


This blog is all about my journey with cancer. I was a 38 year old woman diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Lobular and Ductal Carcinoma. I try to share the information I've learned along the way and am continuing to learn with my readers - in hopes of providing them with knowledge that will help them be able to make better decisions.

Almost a year...
by browneyedgirl almost 4 years ago
SWIMMERS...Getting Wet to Save the Set
by browneyedgirl almost 5 years ago

My Breast Cancer Journey


My journey with breast cancer at age 37. The roller coaster ride of emotions that go with this journey and the impact that it has had on my husband, children, mom, and sisters.

Anj's Adventures in Pwning Breast Cancer


March 2012, at 26 years old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is my personal journey chronicling the ups, downs and all else in between.

What's happened and what's going on
by Anj almost 3 years ago
I have a will for survival
by Anj over 3 years ago



A blog about a young mother and wife dealing with life, baking, photography and her journey with breast cancer.

Easy Christmas Cake
by Monica Williams over 2 years ago
by Monica Williams over 2 years ago