Art of Patience


Blogger Patience, currently dealing with BC, literally creates beautiful works of visual art here. Her chemo experiences have directly influenced the artwork she produces.

In More Paper Mache News....:
by Patience over 2 years ago
Paper Mache "Boar's Head", Redux...!
by Patience over 2 years ago

I Would Have Rather Had Chocolate


Beryl blogs about her bout with breast cancer using copious doses of humor and heart. She manages to locate a plucky sense of cheer in most every post.



Motherhood and mastectomies elbow one another on this site. It deals with the ways in which cancer can prompt serious infertility issues.

by baby over 4 years ago
by baby over 4 years ago

Dr. Hasanah's Entries


This doctor employed her own impressive medical knowledge to support her quest to zap cancer. She doubles as a naturopathic and psycho-spiritual leader as well.

Taking time away from computers
by Dr. H over 4 years ago
Best recovery drink
by Dr. H over 4 years ago

Indigo Dreaming


Cheryl, from New South Wales, blogs about the loss of the use of her right arm and hand as a result of breast cancer. Her son's tragic vehicle death adds to the solemn mood here.

Not Just About Cancer


This blog's title also serves as the heading for Laurie's recent book. More importantly, it serves as a philosophical stance against cancer's tendency to override everything.

by laurie over 2 years ago
by laurie over 2 years ago

Wendy Will Blog


I write about cancer 2-3 times a week and other topics are generated organically. I'm a 3 year breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at 33 years old with ER/PR+ cancer. My goal is to teach, learn, and engage with my readers.

Happy Friday! Let’s Talk About Self Hate
by wendy nielsen over 2 years ago
January Netflix Binge: The Carrie Diaries
by wendy nielsen over 2 years ago



Random thoughts of a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, 10-year cancer survivor, advocate & coach now living with mets & blogging with irreverence @ http://www.regrounding.wordpress.com.

Do You Know What Your Trial is Doing?
by Lori over 2 years ago
Excuse the Dust
by Lori over 2 years ago

The Dinoia Family


A blog that describes our crazy lives as a Foreign Service family. A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2010 added to the insanity of our lives. I have continued to blog about our family, but have intertwined my dealings with my diagnosis, treatments and return to normalcy as a cathartic measure.

Perpetual August
by dinoiafamily over 3 years ago
Can you spot....
by dinoiafamily over 3 years ago

Feisty Blue Gecko


This blog is by Philippa, a Scottish woman, living and working in Asia (as a humanitarian and development professional). Since 2000, she has lived and worked in Nepal, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka and is currently living in Myanmar. She had just taken up a new job in Myanmar when diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer late in 2009. This blog aims to describe her experience of a very common diagnosis in a very unusual setting, providing a unique perspective on a subject of importance and interest to women. The blog has taken on a life of its own, becoming a coping strategy, keeping loved ones informed (sometimes over informed) and providing a record of every detail of the experience with its roller coaster of emotions and range of treatments. In addition to the Breast Cancer experience, Philippa aims to convey a sense of life and work in this amazing part of the world, constantly finding inspiration and fascination observing and recording the rich, tiny details all around.

On the Road to Mandalay. And back.
by feistybluegecko over 2 years ago
Dragon Days, Dragon Years
by feistybluegecko over 2 years ago

Medify Blog


Medify helps patients and families more easily find and make sense of medical research. Our blog focuses on bringing new information on research and treatments for Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Lymphoma and Leukemia to you on a daily basis.



WhereWeGoNow was created for cancer survivors living "new normal" lives of resilience, focus and courage. WWGN members make up an interactive, vibrant community of cancer survivors creating inspired healing, wellness and live out loud joy!

The Never-Ending Cancer Guilt Trip
by Debbie over 2 years ago
What I Learned in Therapy
by Debbie about 3 years ago

Considering the lilies & Lessons from the Field


One woman wrestles to make sense out of her life since it was forever altered by a breast cancer diagnosis. Yvonne hails from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and has lived in the desert southwest of the United States for over 20 years. Married, with a daughter who has recently entered the "teen tunnel," and a haughty cat, Atticus, Yvonne has spent the better part of the last three decades in the classroom as a student, teacher, and administrator. Her mid-life crisis came as a sneaky cancer diagnosis which subsequently sent her to the blogosphere where she has found a virtual home away from home . . .

me. the live tour.
by Editor about 4 years ago
boston 2013 . . . without warning
by Editor over 4 years ago

The 'Big C' and Me


Renn blogs about the ups and downs of breast cancer and reconstruction, finding the humor wherever she can. She believes cancer is a multi-dimensional experience — best served shaken, then viewed through 20/20 goggles. There aren't enough hours in the day to cover all the topics she wants to write about! Join Renn on the blog.

What 40 Brought to My Life


The week after I reach 40 years old I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the journey of my last 8 months.

Breast Cancer As I See It


Breast Cancer As I See It is written by Martha Kaley, breast cancer survivor and founder of earlier.org. The single mission of earlier.org is the discovery of an innovative biological test to detect breast cancer earlier.

Crossing the Bridge
by Martha over 4 years ago
What Inspires You To Keep Working Against Breast Cancer?
by Martha over 4 years ago

The Gift of Breast Cancer


A blog of my spiritual journey of healing from breast cancer and the lessons and gifts it has given me as well as wisdom I have channelled from spirit.

Paw Paw Salad


A 40-something social worker and mum confronts a breast cancer diagnosis and a new life at Australia's Top End.

A fallen frond.....
by Liz over 4 years ago
by Liz over 4 years ago

Cait's Way


Chemo junkie living in Cape Town. Cait is my alter ego. I created her in February 2012 – ten months after my diagnosis of Stage 2b breast cancer. I don’t like to define myself by my breast cancer, but the treatment has a way of dominating one’s life for a while. My chemo junkie’s missive is just a stage I’m going through. My radiation, surgery and chemotherapy will be completed by the end of August this year. I have always lived with humour. For me, having cancer is just another way of living, not another way of dying.

Bald is Better with Earrings


A blod dedicated to women going through diagnosis, treatment and beyond from one who has been there. Every entry has a top 5 list of tips and hints.

Pre-order my book
by Andrea Hutton over 3 years ago
Got a publishing contract!
by Andrea Hutton almost 4 years ago

The Adventures of OBB


A blog about my battle with aggressive breast cancer at the age of 31 whilst being a mom to a toddler and living in a new country. It chronicles through diagnosis, treatment and then what happens after...

Why It Hurts
by Teamobb over 2 years ago
Hello Stranger
by Teamobb almost 3 years ago

Play the Cancer Card


In the beginning of 2012, Jessi was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 29. It has been a whirlwind journey after a double mastectomy with reconstruction, but she is taking it one day at a time. Here she blogs about her journey and emotions during this tough time.

It's Not a Tumor!
by jaywontfly over 3 years ago
Persistent Cyst
by jaywontfly over 3 years ago



I'm a breast cancer survivor of many years and my aim with this blog and newsletter series (please sign up!) is to unite mind-body medicine with conventional medicine in order to inform, inspire, and support all those going through breast cancer. If you don't have breast cancer, you will also find many tips and info on how to decrease your chances of getting it.

One Couple’s Journey With Cancer Leads Them To Mexico
by Marnie over 2 years ago
Using Cannabidiol or CBD for Breast Cancer
by Marnie over 2 years ago

It's Raining Hair


A blog written by a mother (11 year BC sufferer) and daughter. Lighthearted and humorous for the most part, but aiming to help both those with cancer and their loved ones. Lots of practical advice to make life with cancer seem less daunting!