Marilou's Reflections


As vice president of a major Minnesota pet organization, the presence of animals is crucial to Marilou and her blog here. Canines have also clearly helped in her war waged against BC.

Light .. in the midst of darkness
by Marilou over 3 years ago
Hitting the Pause button
by Marilou almost 4 years ago

Life in Transition


Alli prefers to focus on her continual efforts with the ever present roller coaster ride dealing with Stage 3 Grade 3 Multi Focal Breast Cancer with Lymph Node involvement. Mixed with some humour & tears trying to keep it real.

Need for Speed World Money Hack
by N almost 4 years ago
DC Universe Online Guide
by N over 4 years ago

The Brunette Lucy vs Breast Cancer: And Cancer Can Suck It!


This writer refers to herself as dark-haired version of the famed comedienne to lighten the dour mood of her cancer writing. She uses a casual confessional tone to great effect.

Cancer, Stage 4 - exit left!
by Tamara Kells over 2 years ago
New nipple - hopefully
by Tamara Kells over 4 years ago

Rethink Breast Cancer


Women who feel disheartened about a recent diagnosis should look here for the latest word on relief from the cancer. Dieting to help in your fight is a frequent topic.

Let Life Happen


Blogger Barbara writes about her successful battles against both breast cancer and domestic abuse. The Creating Happiness tab her does just that for regular readers.

Cancer researchers claim ‘extraordinary results’ using T-cell therapy
by Barbara Jacoby over 2 years ago
Behavior Therapy and Breast Cancer
by Barbara Jacoby over 2 years ago

Kickin' Cancer's Ass


A mother-daughter team blog jointly about the difficulties of conquering inflammatory breast cancer. BC is belittled to inspiring and incendiary effect over and over here.

Beth's Blog


Beth's love of marathons has not dipped despite her recent experience with cancer. This blog captures her defiance in the face of the life-threatening illness.

Kim's Ponderings Beyond Breast Cancer


Blogger Kim seems to have used her cancer battle as an opportunity to deepen her religious faith. Readers can expect to witness strength brought on by spirituality here.

Sunday Ponderings...
by Kim over 4 years ago
2014 Word of the Year: B.E.L.I.E.V.E.
by Kim over 4 years ago

Pink Ribbon Girls


This blog specifically targets younger women who have been forced to tackle breast cancer. Myriad survivors' stories help readers to arm themselves with effective info.

Positives About Negative


The best place on the web for information about triple-negative and other forms of hormone-negative breast cancer. Survival statistics, treatment options, healthy lifestyle suggestions. Motivation, inspiration, humor, understanding. Don't let docs scare you. Read this blog.

Out of the Ashes
by Patricia Prijatel over 2 years ago
Life After Breast Cancer: Painting
by Patricia Prijatel over 2 years ago

With God All Things Are Possible


Blogger Sarah relies on her relationship with God to provide emotional sustenance through this difficult battle. Those who don't believe also find plentiful inspiration here.

My Fabulous Boobies


Nicole blogs about her experience as a single African-American woman who's been enlisted to fight BC. Her vibrant emotionalism makes reading each post a pleasure.

Beyonce SLAYED Me With #Formation
by Nicole McLean over 2 years ago
Someone Stole My Content! What I Learned From The Incident
by Nicole McLean over 2 years ago

Stay in the Pink


Blogger Jamie has successfully vanquished breast cancer twice over. Her blog seeks to provide those currently grappling with BC the resolve they need to similarly triumph.

Project Pink


Launched by a hit documentary film, this blog continues the movie's mission to chronicle the tales of young BC fighters. Each woman in battle here receives a deluxe "swag" bag to support her.

A Pack of Light Junkies
by Linda about 4 years ago
Ann Murray Paige
by Linda over 4 years ago

Can I Be Pretty in Pink?


This mother and grandmother paints, loves nature -- anything to get cancer off her mind. Thankfully she's launched a concerted effort to get cancer off her body as well.

I am Better
by SweetAnnee over 3 years ago
by SweetAnnee over 3 years ago

Toddler Planet


Blogger Susan survived inflammatory breast cancer four times in order to mother her two sons. She proves that the cancer fight, though arduous, can be won brilliantly.

Sue's Boob Blog


Blogger Sue employs wit and a fiery personality to create her posts themed on her survival of BC. Each post demonstrates a woman whose spirit was always robust.

Signs From the Universe Are Everywhere
by N over 4 years ago
5 Simple Facts About Realm of The Mad God Hack Explained
by N over 4 years ago

Lan's Breast Cancer Blog


Based in British Columbia, Lani has had to deal with breast cancer while simultaneously raising a 19-month-old. She blogs about chemo and thoughts of kindergarten here.

Programs In Realm of the Mad God Hack Clarified
by N over 3 years ago
Realm of the Mad God Hacks
by N almost 4 years ago

Breast Cancer and Fitness


Kathy counsels cancer fighters in the art of maintaining fitness while enduring difficult medical treatment here. She also addresses the importance of nutrition in the battle.

Life's Funny Like That


Debby avoids being a downer about breast cancer on her site, though she has every right to show rage. Instead of anger, she concentrates on her journalism and breadbaking.

Checking in
by Debby almost 4 years ago
Ghost Stories
by Debby almost 4 years ago



Blogger Kathyjean uses her site as a journal in which the posts glisten with both raw honesty and everyday nonchalance. She updates her blog nearly every single day, infused with the nuances of "treatment leftovers" and praise for the gift of life.

Friday 08.22.2014
by kathy jean almost 4 years ago
Thursday 08.21.2014
by kathy jean almost 4 years ago

Under the Oaks


After a bout with colorectal cancer, Tina had to later grapple breast cancer less than a year later. She credits her faith and her family for her steadfastness in the struggle.

Six Years!
by Tina about 3 years ago
Oct. 2014: Summer's Gone; Fall is Here!
by Tina almost 4 years ago

It Can Happen to Anyone...


Thankfully Sophie has survived breast cancer since the summer of 2007. But her blog reminds others that cancer of any type can afflict anyone, at any time.

Breast Cancer Be Damned


Blogger Tami is not afraid to deal breast cancer blow after might blow via her writing here. She's recently discussed how exercise can help ward off BC recurrences.