Beating Breast Cancer


One of the most potent killers of women meets its match in this blog that takes on breast cancer issues head-on.

Soft Serve Girl


Adriene Hughes successfully overcome cancer and blogged prolifically and excellently on her battle. Her blog consists of active contact links and an archive of her great writing.

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer


Marie admits she never thought of being a BC survivor, as she never imagined having it in the first place. Her posts reveal a deeper sense of self through the difficult suffering.

Weekly Round Up
by Editor over 2 years ago
#MindfulMonday Mary Oliver
by Editor over 2 years ago

Miracle Survivors


This wife and mother successfully vanquished breast cancer from her life. She now is committed to writing lovingly and powerfully on the struggle that many others are facing.

The thing about feelings …
by tamilb almost 3 years ago
Liver biopsy done, now we wait
by tamilb almost 3 years ago

Ashley: Warrior Mom


Ashley is currently juggling two tasks: parenting her young children and pulverizing breast cancer. Her blog represents her being well on her way to succeeding in both spots.

Cancer Culture Chronicles


One of the most difficult challenges to those grappling cancer is re-learning how to deal with unsuffering members of society. This blog captures that struggle and all its nuances.

Nancy's Point


Blogger Nancy recently lost her mother to breast cancer before coming down with the illness herself last year. Her writing conveys a woman who will not relent in her fight.

Aromatase Inhibitors – Five Years, Now What? Part 1
by Nancy over 2 years ago
Cancer Was Not a Gift & It Didn’t Make Me a Better Person – A Giveaway!
by Nancy over 2 years ago

Uneasy Pink


Pink is the official color of the war against breast cancer, yet wearing trinkets to represent one's struggle doesn't bring about instant relief. This blog makes it clear that cancer can be chaotic.

Bringing Up Goliath


This wife and mother simply refuses to allow breast cancer to disrupt her life any more than it has to. This blog is focuses on inspiration, not only the illness.

Secrets and Sons
by noreply@blogger.com (Stacey) over 2 years ago
Damaged Goods
by noreply@blogger.com (Stacey) over 2 years ago

Breast Cancer Sisterhood: Brenda


Blogger Brenda does an excellent job of providing the latest information on the breast cancer survival front. The writing here is as engrossing as it is informative.

From an Obsessive Optimist in the Eye of A Hurricane.


Cherry's motto is, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; It's about learning to dance in the rain." She is an inspiration because of her personal battle with breast cancer.

The Uniboob Club


Christina Olachia, a 37 year old mother of two began The Uniboob Club blog after her battle with breast cancer. She was diagnosed in 2006 and had a mastectomy and underwent chemotherapy. The blog is not just about her journey but it is a way to help other women going through what she went through and to educate women in general about breast cancer and the importance of mammograms. In addition, she holds events, such as the upcoming BBQ and Benefit to bring awareness and education. She used humor and optimism to get through her cancer battle and helps other women to do the same.

Life Leson # 40 ~ BE A MOVER OF MOUNTAINS ( Oh The Places You Will Go Class of 2015) !
by noreply@blogger.com (Christina) about 3 years ago
Life Lesson # 39 ~ REBIRTH
by noreply@blogger.com (Christina) about 3 years ago

My Favorite Self-Help Stuff


Blogger Elisabeth has both a PhD and master's degree, is a writer, and began the whole process of blogging after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She offers self-help resources for body, mind, and soul.

The Power Of Gratitude – Not Just On Thanksgiving
by Elisabeth over 4 years ago
eMoney Magic — Why Your Money Mindset Is So Important
by Elisabeth over 4 years ago

Breast Cancer? But Doctor....I Hate pink!


Blogger Ann has personally kick breast cancer's tail in Sacramento, California. Her blog began in September 2009, when she first detected a lump on her breast in May of that same year. She decided to ignore the symptom, and ended up suffering from a cancer diagnosis soon afterward. Ann's site has developed a loyal following accrued in due part to her honesty and straightforwardness about the pitfalls and choice positive moments of a life battle this atrocious affliction.

Thanksgiving Cancer Style
by Ann aka ButDoctorIHatePink over 3 years ago
by Ann aka ButDoctorIHatePink over 3 years ago

Battling Breast Cancer With Class


Hit songs by Beyonce and India.Arie appear on Marcy's uplifting blog here, with the intention of bolstering the spirits of those confront breast cancer with aggressive and empowering beats. This page is also strewn with informative videos and links to help cancer battlers feel a little closer to living normal lives; make-up tips, for example, and fashion advice are prevalent here. Marcy just completed the last of three surgeries related to her cancer last year, and her optimism pours through each post.

Battling Breast Cancer With Class: Battling Breast Cancer With Class: Breast Cancer L...
by Marcy Bruch over 2 years ago
Battling Breast Cancer With Class: Breast Cancer Lessons
by Marcy Bruch over 2 years ago

Dancing With Cancer


Jill has logged in a lion's share of years in direct conflict with breast cancer. First diagnosed in 1999 in her late 30s, she has gone on to grapple the cancer an additional four more times. Above all, Jill appears to be focused on once again conquering the illness and breaking free once and for all. Each post here features a detailed description on her current medical care. Dancing solo has never seemed so desirable.

Counts coming up
by Jill over 2 years ago
Another setback
by Jill over 2 years ago

Alright Tit


An extremely positive reception from Stephen Fry may not cure cancer, but it should definitely direct you to Lisa's polished and poignant page here. At twenty-eight years of age, the telling lump arrived that would launch stage-three cancer. Yet Lisa demonstrated a refreshing, nearly caustic wit, determined to milk her breasts for all their worth. There's no denial of pain and panic -- natural reactions to cancer -- here, but that nervous energy is somehow refocused with humor and warmth in these posts.

Coming to America
by Lisa Lynch almost 3 years ago
Roses for Lisa
by Lisa Lynch about 3 years ago

Boobs and Ovaries


BRCA1 and BRCA2 are two of the most important discoveries in recent medical history; they are a pair of genes associated with breast cancer. Women, or even men, who inherit a problematic mutation of either them are a greater risk of dealing with this cancer type. Mrs. Jones in England unfortunately suffers from a BRCA dilemma and blogs about her attempt to counteract the fate her genes may predict for her. Humor, a love of life, and myriad hobbies and passions are her recipe for joy.

Caroline's Breast Cancer Blog


I started this blog so I could keep my friends and family up on my dealings with breast cancer but now it has evolved into my take on the medical world as well as my medical ups and downs. My list of ailments so you can keep up: slowly healing left sprained ankle, right knee partially torn ACL, left knee osteoarthritis, bursitis/arthritis both hips, hiatal hernia causing heart burn, lymphedema issues left arm, tennis elbow right arm, degenerating disks in my back - a chronic issue that cannot be repaired by surgery and only the symptoms can be treated and some weird neuro muscular issues that causes all kinds of pain in my upper back. Oh, and then there is that cancer thing twice now... But I'm still here.

Patient vs Doctor
by Caroline over 2 years ago
The hanging sword over your head or embrace each day
by Caroline over 2 years ago

my Breast Cancer blog


A visually stunning blog highlighting one woman's cancer experience. The author's voice is unique and playful in tone, especially in articles that redirect the focus from cancer to her daily life.

I Will Not Fix Everything in 2014
by Jacki over 4 years ago
NINE Years, NINE Days
by Jacki over 4 years ago

Jayne's Breast Cancer Blog


Proclaiming to explore "the intersection between cancer and creativity," this blog does just that. Written by a writer, all the articles are detailed and thorough.

My Fight With Breast Cancer


Written by a young woman whose breast cancer was initially misdiagnosed as a cyst, this blog is an account of the most dramatic year in the author's life. Luckily, she comes out triumphant.

The Cancer Warrior


This, one of the most acclaimed breast cancer blogs around, reveals how Mel has tackled her carcinoma breast cancer diagnosis. She also produces a radio show here.

What season is your favorite? Mine is hockey
by noreply@blogger.com (Mel Majoros) over 3 years ago
Carpe Diem
by noreply@blogger.com (Mel Majoros) almost 4 years ago

The Breasts on my Chest


The simple things in life provide pleasure for this military wife and mother. She refuses to let cancer stamp out those pleasures, nor her confident sense of sexuality.

My Life, in a Tiumblr


This blogger has taken to a trendy web design style to voice the details of her breast cancer struggle. She discusses BC's effects on her career, marriage, and mental well-being.

Spring 2014 Sketchbook Challenge!
over 4 years ago