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The site's founder, Chris Garrett, is a well-known internet marketing and online business consultant, new media industry commentator, blogging and social media coach, writer, speaker, and trainer. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Coca Cola, Heinz, Toshiba, and Proctor and Gamble. Learn from the expert how to grow your blog, boost traffic, and generate more income.

3 Essential (But Often Missed) Elements to Growing Your List
by Chris Garrett over 2 years ago
Grow Your Authority With Your Geekiness
by Chris Garrett almost 3 years ago

Marketing College Tutor


Learn what makes effective marketing really pop on this site. You can take what you find her and implement it automatically.



Blogger Tamar is someone that old-fogey businesses flock to when looking to whip their ossifying companies into the 21st century. Her ideas are bright and spot-on.

Across the USA by Train… With Kids and For $0
by Tamar Weinberg almost 2 years ago
On Approachability.
by Tamar Weinberg about 2 years ago



You don't necessarily have to have a bigwig at the top of your business to make it pop. This blog shows how customers themselves can help craft a successful operation.

10 ways to up your SEO game
by Michael Dehaven almost 2 years ago
Three exciting trends shaping 2016 commerce
by Rachael Genson almost 2 years ago

The Engaging Brand Blog


Sometimes with sweet, quirky humor, and sometimes with biting satire, The Engaging Brand Blog discusses everything from music to cartoons, but somehow relates it all to marketing and and business. Posts cover such a wide range of topics that readers never know what to expect next!

The Technology Investment To Blow Competitors Away
by Anna Farmery almost 3 years ago
One Significant Business Answer YOU Must Know
by Anna Farmery almost 3 years ago

The Marketing Student


This blog explores where communications, media, and psychology meet and inform one another. It's the perfect place to inject a bit more erudition into your studies.

PR News


The PR News blog and website offers the latest and greatest in news and strategies within the fields of PR and marketing. It's a nice looking site with a wealth of content.

David Meerman Scott


When not composing classic works of marketing literature, David provides sage advice on how to use the Web advantageously. He has particular understanding of Asian markets.

Sales Then and Now
almost 2 years ago
Marketing Basics: Create Content Like a Publisher
almost 2 years ago

Brand Flakes for Breakfast


A career in marketing or advertising leaves little time to dilly-dally. Yet even the most frenetically scheduled execs must remain in the digital know to maintain relevance. Enter Brandflakes, a blog designed for such hurried folk that spotlights marketing news other sites and junkets miss, skip, or pass over. Brand-new media and technology permeates through most of the posts here, with the odd celebrity thrown in for good measure.

double dog dare for Coke
by Maureen Jones almost 2 years ago
say HBD with your face
by Cory almost 2 years ago

Church of the Customer


The classic refrain holds that the customer is always right. Ben and Jackie's site here redefines that phrase as a bit passé for the modern day marketing pro. On this blog, customers aren't just right, they become a religion to be studied and imbibed in the hopes of business transcendence. Each post here sheds a great deal of light on how companies can create customers who demonstrate undying loyalty to their brand. An incredibly large readership ensures that these writers aren't preaching to the choir.

Small Business Branding


No matter how small your business is or the type of business you have, this blog will give you lots of insight into marketing to give you an edge.

Drew's Marketing Minute


Blogger Drew encourages his readers to make their customers feel desired and treasured here. Advice on doubling profits and QR codes has been new post topics.

5 tips for getting over stage fright
by Drew McLellan over 3 years ago
Your best customers are pure gold
by Drew McLellan over 3 years ago

SMLXL: Business and Communication Innovation


Readers learn how the nature and pursuit of innovative thinking has changed with the new millennium here. Nokia, H&M, and Coca-Cola are companies who've sought this site's advice.

Only Dead Fish


Neil's two decades of marketing wisdom in the UK come to bear in each post here. Fortunately, his counsel is not country-specific but can be applied to marketing woes anywhere.

Google Firestarters 19 - Consultants, Customer Experience and Convergence
by Neil Perkin almost 2 years ago
Productive Informality
by Neil Perkin almost 2 years ago

Brian Solis


Not only does this networking blog's author offer authoritative posts on social media, he shares his articles and books as well. He informs his readers on everything from hashtags to branding.

Born Digital: Meet Generation C, a new generation of connected customers
by Brian Solis over 3 years ago
Your Workforce is Disengaged: Here’s What To Do About it
by Brian Solis over 3 years ago

Brand Autopsy


John takes on companies that have recently entered rigor mortis and revives them with a full-scale analysis of what went wrong. Learn to do it right the first time here.

Branding Made Easy
by johnmoore almost 2 years ago
Beyond Thinking Different to Doing Different
by johnmoore about 2 years ago

Guerilla Media


Guerilla Media is a video production company that works with a variety of businesses, ministries, non-profits and individuals to help them share their story with video. We use our video blog and social media sites to help promote the people we work with, to give them added exposure and brand recognition. We love to share what is unique about each client so that between the video and the blog, you get a really good feel for who they are, what they do and why they are the best it it!

2014 Men of Distinction
by guerillaadmin almost 4 years ago
The Gulfcoast Humane Society
by guerillaadmin about 4 years ago

The Brand Coach


As industry leaders in business, personal, celebrity and social media branding, The Brand Coach, LLC (TBC) has perfected the science of branding. For more than a decade our proven methodology has guided some of the most recognized brands in the world. Now all of our knowledge and resources are available to you online. Our repository of information is a collection of blogs, books, videos and resources put together by a team of widely respected experts.

5 Ways To Create A Hella Hot Paid Webinar
by Team Jai almost 2 years ago
6 Trends You Should Adopt for 2016
by Team Jai over 2 years ago

My Dream House


This site was founded to reach millions of people like me dreaming about having their own home without spending much.