The Elegant Variation


Mark Sarvas is a professional screenwriter, novelist, and the author of the popular and controversial literary weblog “The Elegant Variation”. His blog is dedicated to the best of contemporary fiction, and his posts are incisive, well-written critiques of the books he finds most worthy. This is a blog for the discerning reader.

TEV 2.0 - Launch of the newsletter edition
by TEV over 3 years ago
Literary LA: Must-See Events
by TEV about 4 years ago

The Story Siren


Kristi founded The Story Siren in 2007 as a way to keep track of the books she had read and was planning to read. She is a die hard fan of young adult fiction and when she isn't reading or blogging about what she's read, Kristi works as an orthodontic assistant and looks after her family. What started as a personal adventure has grown into a highly-respected and award-winning source on the best books for teen readers.

Blog Tour: Subway Love by Nora Raleigh Baskin & Giveaway!
by The Story Siren about 4 years ago
The Debut Author Challenge has a New Home!
by The Story Siren about 4 years ago

Paper Cuts


The illustrious editors of the New York Times Book Review manage and write the blog for this savvy, cutting edge icon of the publishing industry. Bloggers at Paper Cuts write about books and other forms of printed matter, offering news, opinion and interviews. Posts also include spotlights on the book review’s archives, and other special features.

SXSW 2014: Lady Gaga’s Keynote Message — ‘Don’t Sell Out’
by By JON PARELES over 4 years ago
At SXSW, the Music Plays On After a Somber Scene
by By JON PARELES over 4 years ago



Shelfari is a member-based community for book lovers. Using social networking tools, Shelfari has created what could be called the biggest book club in the world. A favorite of classroom teachers and librarians, readers of all ages can build their own virtual bookshelf, share opinions and recommendations, and discuss the stories they have read.

Amazon Asks: Francine Prose on Advice from Mavis Gallant, Negotiating Her First Advance, and the "Ultimate Empowered Little Girl"
by Omnivoracious about 4 years ago
Brigid Schulte on Taming the To-Do List: "Put Joy First"
by Omnivoracious about 4 years ago



MotherReader is part-time children's librarian and full-time mom. Somehow she finds time to read -- a lot -- and blog about it. Another favorite of educators and fellow librarians, this blog is charming, witty, sassy, irreverent, and full of astute observations, candid recommendations, and contests that keep visitors engaged.

Tenth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge: Winners!
by MotherReader almost 3 years ago
Tenth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge: Finish Line
by MotherReader almost 3 years ago

Bookshelves of doom


Leila Ann Roy is a college librarian who loves classic mysteries, young adult fiction, and romance. A popular reviewer, Leila has had articles published in various literary and industry publications as well. Her blog is chock full of book news, including insider info. A must-read for whetting the appetite of the insatiable reader.

Kiss of Deception: Remnant Chronicles, #1 -- Mary E. Pearson
by Leila almost 4 years ago
by Leila about 4 years ago

Tales From the Reading Room


Writer and author Victoria Best Goyder examines and reviews the best of British literature, both classic and contemporary. She also posts her own essays, with are generally insightful and objective. The best posts on this blog have been compiled into book form, for your reading enjoyment.

Various Unmentionables
by litlove over 2 years ago
Shiny New Books is out!
by litlove over 2 years ago



Pam, the founder and host of Bookalicious, describes herself as a book-a-vore who will devour almost anything Fiction. Her award-winning blog covers a wide variety of genre--from kids books to historical literature and beyond. Pam has posted her extensive reviewer's resume to add to the credibility (and professionalism) of her posts. She prides herself on her 'knack' for picking a good book by its cover, and on being a trustworthy resource for readers.

May Query Bootcamp
by Pam about 4 years ago
April Query Bootcamp
by Pam over 4 years ago

Becky's Books


Becky's blog is one of the most respected book review sites on the web. With an extensive background in English literature and library science, Becky knows wherof she reads. Her blog focuses on children's and young adult literature (primarily for tweens and teens) in the hopes of promoting lifelong reading habits.

Ivan: The Remarkable True Story
by noreply@blogger.com (Becky) over 3 years ago
November Reflections
by noreply@blogger.com (Becky) over 3 years ago

The Weekly Crisis


Kirk Warren is a comic book enthusiast who started his review blog because he noticed a lack of dedicated comic book sites on the web. What started out as an adventure has grown into a passion. The site includes weekly reviews, featured every Wednesday. Kirk has also added news, previews, moments of the week, character profiles and other assorted columns and posts.

Three Must Visits at this Year's ECCC
by Sheilah Villari about 3 years ago
TerraQuill: Printing New Worlds
by Sheilah Villari over 3 years ago

The New Book Review


Multiple award-winning novelist, poet and author Carolyn Howard-Johnson pens this lively blog. Her book reviews are thorough and she covers a wide range of genres and topics. Carolyn also includes news from the publishing industry, insights and commentary on reading trends, and do-it-yourself marketing advice for writers.

Editor of Bookwatch Calls Poet "Exceptionally Skilled Wordsmith"
by noreply@blogger.com (Carolyn Howard-Johnson) over 2 years ago
Interview: A Twenty-Five Year Love Affair Writing Books for Children
by noreply@blogger.com (Carolyn Howard-Johnson) over 2 years ago

Dog Eared


National Geographic sponsors DogEared, a truly unique interactive experience for kids. This blog is all about books for kids, reviewed by kids. Young readers are invited to register and set up an account that allows them to keep track of a personal reading wish list, play book related games and interact with each other in a safe environment. Think of it as your own online book club. Enjoy!

Socrates' Book Reviews


Yvonne is a New Yorker who loves to read an blog about it. Under the guise of Socrates (her cat), Yvonne invites authors and publishers to submit books for her review. Her blog covers many romance genres, as well as thrillers and mysteries. Yvonne hosts guest bloggers (authors) and other events like reading challenges.

Interview: Tracy Weber (Author of Downward Dog Mysteries)
by noreply@blogger.com (Yvonne) over 2 years ago
Review: Plan Bea by Hilary Grossman
by noreply@blogger.com (Yvonne) over 2 years ago

Kids Book Review


Based in Australia, Kids Book Review focuses entirely on children’s literature. Primarily a book review blog, the site also includes featured authors, illustrators and publishers from all over the world. Contributing editors post news, reviews, interviews, articles, guest posts, as well as literacy articles to support teachers and librarians. This is a great blog for young readers, and those that are just young at heart.

Review: Mummy and Mumma Get Married
by Susan Whelan over 2 years ago
Peter Millett - Publishing Kids' Books in a Multimedia World
by Susan Whelan over 2 years ago

Grame's Fantasy Book Review


Graeme Flory is a dedicated fan of fantasy literature and blogs about it on a daily basis. An avid reader, Graeme's posts read a bit like a travel guide through his daily life. In addition to advance notices of new releases and insightful reviews, Graeme includes snippets of his personal experiences and always manages to relate them to a book he's read. This blog is not only a fantastic resource for fantasy lovers, it is also an entertaining read all on its own.



Born of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program, BookDragon was created as a way to promote literature that a multi-cultural audience could relate to. Acclaimed journalist and author Terry Hong has been The BookDragon since its inception. Although she officially left her position in June 2010 as the media arts consultant for the program, Terry continues to seek out and review books for multicultural readers--primarily Asian Americans like herself.

Migrant by José Manuel Mateo, illustrated by Javier Martínez Pedro, translated by Emmy Smith Ready
by SI BookDragon about 4 years ago
Moon at Nine by Deborah Ellis
by SI BookDragon about 4 years ago

Zoe's Book Reviews


14-year-old Zoe reviews the books she likes to read. Well-written and honest, Zoe offers a balanced opinion by sharing a complete analysis of the story that includes what worked for her, and what didn't. The truth is, Zoe hasn't met a book she didn't like, but she likes some more than others. This is a great site for teens to find peer to peer recommendations, and an insightful read for parents who just want to know what their kids are reading.

Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson
by noreply@blogger.com (Zoe) almost 4 years ago
Fan Art by Sarah Tregay
by noreply@blogger.com (Zoe) about 4 years ago

South San Fran Library Book Reviews


Hosted by the South San Francisco Library, this blog features reviews by staff librarians. Not only are the librarians knowledgeable reviewers, they know where to dig up the most interesting literature around. This blog includes reviews of new acquisitions as well as classic reads and covers every genre. You'll find helpful recommendations and reading suggestions here, even if you aren't a patron of the City of South San Francisco public library system.

Book Ends


Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan are a pair of middle-school librarians, and featured bloggers on Booklist, one of the many publications of the American Library Association. Cindy and Lynn writer about, review, and discuss young adult and children's books for fellow librarians, middle-school teachers, and the young readers they hope to inspire with their recommendations.

Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy by Karen Foxlee
by Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan about 4 years ago
How the Beatles Changed the World by Martin W. Sandler
by Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan about 4 years ago



We love this blog for its name almost as much as we love its content. Originally founded by Bridget Kulakauskus, the site has grown to include reviews by several insightful bloggers, whose bios are posted for your review. Illiterarty aims to provide interested readers with a wide range of book reviews and writings on various subjects (including books, authors, themselves) to better inform their audience about what to read and what not to read. Decidedly from the 20-something point of view, the reviews are comprehensive and include an eclectic mix of contemporary commercial fiction, fringe genre and mainstream literature. Bookmark this one for its enterprising insights and sharp witted writing.

Book review: Dry Bones by Craig Johnson
by Admin about 3 years ago
Book review: Season Of Shadow and Light by Jenn J McLeod
by Admin about 3 years ago

The Book Nut


Melissa The Book Nut lives and reads in Wichita Kansas. Another of the large number of adults who love to read young adult fiction, Melissa posts her opinions on various book-related topics. Her reviews are unapologetic with no punches pulled, but she writes from a somewhat objective point of view. The posts on this blog are great starting points for lively book club discussion.

by Melissa Fox almost 4 years ago
13 Books with LGBTQ Characters
by Melissa Fox almost 4 years ago

Mysterious Reviews


Who can resist a good mystery? Certainly not the bloggers at Mysterious Reviews. In partnership with the Hidden Staircase Mystery Books (www.omnimystery.com), this blog is committed to providing readers and collectors of mysteries with the best and most current information available on the genre. This is a slick looking but professional blog that posts fairly objective reviews about books from every mystery sub-genre.

Here I Blog


This book review site is hosted by Mark, a Southern Baptist divinity student with aspirations of joining the pastoral ministry. Mark blogs about religious and church issues, morality and his own struggle with his faith. His reviews faith based books, mostly non-fiction testimony and inspiration titles. For those looking to build their Christian reading list, this is a great place to start.

Ethics: Unmarried Couple Requests Room from Christian-Owned Hotel
by Mark Lamprecht about 3 years ago
Ethics: Friend Called to Online Discernment Ministry
by Mark Lamprecht over 3 years ago

New Pages


We chose this blog for our Best Blogs list because of its support of independent publishing. Not only does the site host reviews on everything from art and poetry books to new age self-help and obscure literary fiction, it also features links to independent publishers, booksellers, and industry resources. New Pages prides itself on being a portal for connecting readers, writers, and publishers with unique and fresh ideas.

American Life in Poetry :: Grant Wood
by noreply@blogger.com (Denise) over 3 years ago
BIG NEWS :: The Blog has moved!
by noreply@blogger.com (Kirsten) over 3 years ago

Fresh Fiction


Fresh Fiction is a popular resource site for authors looking to connect with readers and readers eager to read the next new book. Although their mission statement promises coverage of all genre fiction, this blog is primarily about and for romance books. The Fresh Fiction Blog is maintained by a team of professional staff members and readers. Author guest posts are a regular feature which invites interaction between the writers and their readers.

Fresh Pick | THE HUSBAND CAMPAIGN by Regina Scott
by SaraReyes about 4 years ago
Fresh Pick | THE HUSBAND CAMPAIGN by Regina Scott
by SaraReyes about 4 years ago