So What Is Self Help?


Well to some it is literally that, helping yourself, to others it is actively seeking or looking for things that will enhance their lives or their success.

Know about “A Bug Free Mind”


In the fast-paced world of today where people hardly get enough time to share their problems with their own self, solving out them is nearly impossible.

Dreams Of Success Come True With Self Help Books, CDs And BFM Videos


Life has always been wished high by all human beings. Leading a successful and prosperous life is the dream of every individual. The life in this world is a continuous process of struggles for achieving the desired goals and consequently the good fortune. But at the same time, it’s a reality that a majority of the people fails to get what they wish for.

Nightingale Stationery Journals, Notebooks and Vedic Cosmos


Whether you are looking for interesting stylish notebooks, tips on office supplies, school stationeries, vedic cosmos, diaries and professional series. Here are such great collection of it at affordable price and best paper quality.

A new author's journey into the unknown: publishing my first book


My first novel, 'Six Months to Get a Life', is due to be published early in 2015. It is the best debut novel I have ever written. This blog charts my progress from being a clueless novice writer through to being a published clueless novice writer. It is full of rants, which means that there is not much room to cram in the occasional nugget of information that every new author should know so as not to repeat my many mistakes.

Ben Adams: My author journey


This blog charts my progress from being a clueless wet behind the ears writer to a published but still largely clueless author. It highlights mthe trials and tribulations I have been through in getting my first novel, 'Six Months to Get a Life', published. The book will be out early in 2015. It's the best debut novel I have ever written...

Gillian Mckeith Food Bible


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Gillian Mckeith Food Bible


Gillian McKeith in her book named “FOOD BIBLE” summarizes the nutrition’s in a few phrases. She describes the pros of the healthy food and a number of recipes to fill your life with a nice taste. Gillian in such way knowledge us that we easily understand to how to treat with our diseases with taste. It’s a user friendly book. It’s really having a Bible status in the food world. All those are hectic from their un-balance life must pass through this book. Food Bible will definitely safeguard their health, age and look in all the manners. Gillian work in the book reflects the depth of her knowledge and her passion towards her profession. Be Our Fan on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/GillianMcKeithOFFICIAL Follow Us on Twitter : http://twitter.com/GillianMcKeith/