Arizona Wildlife Blog


Richard Frey lives in one of the most incredible birding destinations of North America. His passion for birdwatching led him to actually start his own Birding Tours Business. Check out his blog for field notes and some amazing photo shots of birds.

SE Arizona July Mini-Break Day 4
by Richard almost 4 years ago
SE Arizona July Mini-Break Day 3
by Richard almost 4 years ago

Bird Guide


Here's an avid birder living in Spain. He leads nature tours, not only in his home country, but to far-off destinations such as India, China, Morocco, and Costa Rica. He's also involved in research projects and animal studies. Many sing his praises, and you will too after finding yourself deeply intrigued by his travels and birding discoveries.

EU Inaction Threatens Vultures
by Peter Jones over 2 years ago
An Autumn's Tale of the Serrania de Ronda
by Peter Jones over 2 years ago

American Birding Association


The American Birding Association’s blog has the latest scoop on what is happening in the birding world. Several contributing authors share news, tips, tools, events, stories, and photos. This site is evidence that birding is a thriving pastime, sport, and job.

A DC Birding Blog


Although titled “A DC Birding Blog”, John Beetham has provided an enormous amount of general bird-related content. The majority of posts are about birds and other environmental topics pertaining to the DC area, but John has recently moved to New Jersey, where he shares his mid-Atlantic birding stories and photos. With noteworthy opinions, John provides important coverage of environmental issues to make his blog even richer.

Loose Feathers #534
by noreply@blogger.com (John Beetham) about 2 years ago
Loose Feathers #533
by noreply@blogger.com (John Beetham) over 2 years ago

10,000 Birds


The work of several dedicated and passionate individuals, 10,000 birds documents an attempt to find all 10,000 species of birds. A rich amount of commentary surrounding nature, travel, and exploration makes this site worth spending a significant amount of time on.

Birding Culebra, Puerto Rico
by Corey about 2 years ago
Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of February 2016)
by Mike about 2 years ago



Posted by a self-proclaimed female bird freak, this site entertains the bird watcher in all of us. Eclectic stories and photographs fill readers in on her bird (and other interesting) experiences.

Winter Wings Bird Festival
by Sharon Stiteler over 3 years ago
Birdchick Podcast #180 New Sibley and TMZ Tackles Diversity in Birding
by Sharon Stiteler over 3 years ago

Bird by Bird


Rather than capturing birds with a camera, Pica of Davis, California, is a dedicated sketcher of birds. Some are simple pen and paper, others have water paint, but all are great. We just love that Pica decided to try something new by sharing hand-drawn art. The bloggers beautiful sketches capture a new bird each day, along with a few words to set the scene.

Birds in the Oleander
by Pica over 4 years ago
Sketching at the Raptor Center
by Pica over 4 years ago

Art & Other Adventures with Narca


The name of this blog only hints at the amazing bird content it contains. Narca-Moore Craig lives in the mountains of Arizona but writes about her findings in the natural world from across the globe.This blog not only has great photos, but it's full of rich, descriptive content that makes you feel like you're right there. Her stories and photos will inspire you to travel with the intent of experiencing the earth’s natural wonders; birds being among the most intriguing.

"Turaco Country" Arrives!
by Narca Moore-Craig over 2 years ago
The Grail Quail
by Narca Moore-Craig almost 3 years ago

Not Just Birds


Neil Gilbert is an impressive young birder … and blogger, as it turns out. He lives for birding, and his site is clear evidence of his passion. His blog is snarky and clever, with pop culture references abound, and we just can't get enough. Amazing photographs, a witty young perspective, and serious dedication make this site stand out.

Limerick from the Field I
by Neil Gilbert over 2 years ago
Familiar in the Foreign
by Neil Gilbert over 2 years ago

Boreal Bird Blog


Boreal Bird Blog is the work of Jeff Wells, formerly the Audobon Society’s National Conservation Director, and now head scientist for the Boreal Bird Songbird Initiative. He is driven to help protect the land native to North American birds and you can sense his passion in each of his posts. His well-respected thoughts regarding the birds of North America and their essential habitat in the Boreal Forest can be read here.

Effects of Polar Vortex Not Over for Birds
by Jeff about 4 years ago
Highlighting Canada’s ‘Cold Amazon’
by David about 4 years ago

Outside My Window


Kate St. John is a passionate bird watcher in Pennsylvania who for the past four years has been sharing her knowledge and observations of birds on her blog. There is a plethora of information and incredible photos to accompany. You are sure to learn plenty if you spend some time on Outside my Window.

Not Just A Pine Cone
by Kate St. John almost 4 years ago
TBT: V is for Vulture
by Kate St. John almost 4 years ago



Ecobirder is a blog that serves to inform and inspire. With beautiful photos and facts and stories to accompany them, there is a variety of content to enjoy and learn from. Although the posts are specific to St. Paul, Minnesota, they will encourage the observer in readers everywhere.

Gray Hawk
by Ecobirder over 2 years ago
Bordered Patch Butterfly
by Ecobirder over 2 years ago

Birding in Michigan


Featuring the birding endeavors of blogger Shelly in Michigan, posts focus on sharing marvelous photography and captions filled with personality. This site is a picture book whose story is well worth reading; its creative humor is sure to make you laugh.

The Baltimore Orioles have arrived!
by Shelley about 4 years ago
Common Mergansers
by Shelley about 4 years ago

Two Birders to Go


Bob Kaufman blogs about birds from the Philippines. The birds he finds are incredible, and his stories even more so. Check it out for a taste of what birding can be like in other parts of the world.

It's Back
by Bob Kaufman about 2 years ago
DRTy Looks
by Bob Kaufman over 2 years ago

Backyard Birds Utah


Backyard Birds will inspire you to discover nature in your own backyard. Melissa of Orem, Utah, keeps track of birds she sees in her neighborhood and then shares the story with us. Like all true birders, she maintains a wish list of birds to see and an impressive list of ones she has already checked off.

Superb Owl - The Rematch
by Melissa over 2 years ago
Star Struck
by Melissa over 2 years ago

Rob's Idaho Perspective


With a master's degree in raptor biology in the works, Rob in Idaho knows his birds. Rob lets us in on what birding is really all about while sharing his growing knowledge and giving us on eye on the bounty of birds to be found in Idaho.

Mucho Viento!
by Rob over 3 years ago
Plato Mixto – (Mixed Plate)
by Rob over 3 years ago

Birds and Words


This birder and writer in Toronto, Canada, brings us the best of both in her blog. Her creativity gives birding a new dimension, and her captivating words are sure to draw you in.

We’re Moving!
by birdsandwords over 4 years ago
Histrionicus histrionicus
by birdsandwords over 4 years ago

Birding with Kenn and Kimberly


Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman are the authors of several wellrespected field guides. They blog about what they are up to and all things having to do with birds. Check it out for some perspective on the professional side of birding.

Prairapy Session
by Kimberly Kaufman almost 3 years ago
From Kenn's Drawing Table: Red-legged Cormorant.
by Kimberly Kaufman almost 3 years ago

The Birdchaser


Rob Fergus of Pennsylvania deserves the title of bird chaser. His posts cover a wide range of topics, from the birds that he encounters to bird news, politics, and issues that he is concerned about. This guy keeps up on all sorts of bird happenings, and his commentary is well informed and thought provoking.

Top 10 Birds of 2015
by birdchaser over 2 years ago
2015 Machine Assisted Big Sit
by birdchaser over 2 years ago

Birding Dude


Through building a suitable backyard habitat for birds, this blogger has become a naturalist in his own right. A highlight of the site is the photographs of birds posted on Wordless Wednesday and the running lists of birds seen. This site is testament that becoming a passionate naturalist is feasible for everyone with a keen eye and desire.

Van Cortlandt Park Wetlands At Risk With Putnam Paving Plans...
by BIRDINGDUDE over 2 years ago
Long-billed Dowitchers at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
by BIRDINGDUDE over 2 years ago

Birding Mongolia


This blog has grown into a gathering place for birders of Mongolia. It offers up information from all over the country and has grown into a great resource for birders of Asia.

by Axel about 4 years ago
by Axel about 4 years ago