Mocha Dad


Unfortunately, fathers of the African-American community are too often stereotyped as incompetent deadbeats. Mocha Dad's sterling example helps to chip away at these rampant negativities and shows that Black fathers can be awesome. For one thing, he demonstrates overwhelming praise for his family, describing his wife as the Queen, his daughter as the princess, and one of his sons as the rapscallion who always gets his way. Each post conveys his strong parenting skills and devotion to his family.

Daddy’s Test Kitchen: Nutella and Banana Pancake Slider Recipe
by Frederick J. Goodall over 2 years ago
Parents Must Teach Their Kids That A “Like” is Not an Indicator of Self-Worth
by Frederick J. Goodall over 2 years ago

A Dad's Heart


This blog talks about the benefits of being an involved father for the involved father himself. Cameron shows how that commitment to kids has great ramifications everywhere.

Playground Dad


This blog laments the fact that most dads spend only six hours with their children weekly. Yet it teaches dads who can't spend more time how to make those hours exceptional.

You Gotta Try This Italian Bacon Flatbread (Pizza)!
by Playground Dad Staff over 2 years ago
5 Unique Valentine’s Ideas for the Wifey
by Mike Johnson over 2 years ago

Natural Papa


Homebirth, manliness, and simple living are the evergreen topics of this site. Blogger Derek loves peanut butter on everything and organic gardening.

The benefits of using granite countertops
by Guest Author over 2 years ago
This dude is making a difference
by Derek Markham over 2 years ago



This father, a Big Brother Big Sister volunteer, understands that some confidence is need to rear kids right. His blog explores how being a dad can help him be a better man.

Really, I'm as Old as I Feel?


This father struggles with kidney disease and feels about 10 years older because of it. Yet he continues to raise his only child Abby with grace and devotion.

Suburban Daddy


A dad living in Northern Virginia raises a quartet of kids in the heart of the suburbs here. He relishes comments and emails from those who reach out to him.

Zoo In The Winter
by suburbandaddy over 2 years ago
Hit The Brakes
by suburbandaddy over 3 years ago

To Be a Dad


This blog recognizes the sharp differences between fathering a child, and being a dad to one. Blogger Steve is a British first-time dad at the age of 45.

The Real Matt Daddy


This stay at home dad shares the good, the bad and the hilarious things that happen while raising his toddler.

Dad's Cooking Tonight


A lifestyle blog from a dad's perspective, more often than not viewed from the kitchen. Has a view other ramblings about cars, history and a lot about food thrown in.

The JackB


TheJackB is one of the original dad blogs. It contains more than 8 years of tales that may or may not be true about life as a father. Jump in and see how one man deals with questions about death, dating, sex, life, love, technology and much more.

Some Writers Ignore The Oscars
by Jack Steiner over 2 years ago
You Can’t Fear Failure
by Jack Steiner over 2 years ago

Where are your pants?


Mild-mannered desk jockey by day - crazy-voice-maker-upper and Hot Wheels tutor by night. Where are your pants? features (what some say are) humorous and insightful posts about my experiences raising our daughter, along with project ideas and write-ups and a little bit of (sometimes not terrible) advice.



8BitDad is the source for real fatherly opinions, updated (almost) daily. On the site (and weekly show) the dads tackle parenthood news from across the internet, feature original stories, reviews and Q&As, and blog about personal stories of triumph and sadness. 8BitDad is active in championing fatherhood to brands and working to stop the negative image of fathers in advertising.

American Greetings’ “World’s Toughest Job” Treats Moms Like Bitter Employees
by Zach Rosenberg over 4 years ago
‘Get Your Ass Back to Work’ & Forget Paternity Leave, Say Sports Radio Hosts Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason to Mets’ Daniel Murphy
by Zach Rosenberg over 4 years ago

The Dadconteur


A sleep-deprived raconteur's musings about life and the misadventures of raising two boys. Come for the funny, stay for the poignancy.

Barkhad Abdi May be Broke, But...
by Andy Goldstein over 4 years ago
The Persistence of Memory
by Andy Goldstein over 4 years ago



A blog about Life Tips on Blogging, Parenting, Relationship, Motivation, Travel and more

Dad in Action


Dads make THE difference and most of us didn't have them. Dad In Action encourages men to lead their family intentionally and to die laughing in the process.

Dad Etc


The role of father today is completely different to that which our fathers and grandfathers played. In this blog, I try to reflect the challenge of combining the roles of father/ husband and employee alongside celebrating the joys of fatherhood and family life.

Planting Pennies


My wife and I love to travel, so we packed up our two year-old boy and moved to South Korea. My blog has lots of pictures and stories of travel, new cafes and restaurants, making friends and little adventures. Me and my boy collect Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Siku and Tomica, so I post pictures of cars too!

Stephen Says


A former sports writer for HOOPSWORLD.com and SLAMOnline.com, but I have recently made the decision to move on to the next chapter of my life. Now, I am moving on to bigger and better things. Namely, I have decided to start living my own life, rather than documenting the lives of others. A father of two, I began this blog to write about what I want, when I want without deadlines, politic or hassle. Always looking to connect with people, I will write about whatever tickles my fancy. I’ll give my thoughts on music, movies, parenting, interesting quotes or events that moved me and, I’m sure the old sports writing will creep back in from time-to-time. However, if you are here thinking this will only be a place to discuss sports, you are incorrect. Making the decision I have to move on to a new chapter in my life, I will no longer have the inside connections I once had and will not attempt to break news. It is time to find the true joys in my life and this blog is the beginning. It is a scary and exciting time, as I am moving away from what has been a huge portion of my adult life. Now that I will have more free time than I have been accustomed to in years, there is no telling where this journey may go. Join me, won’t you?

An Amazing Reminder
by stephenlitel over 2 years ago
Life’s Reboot Begins
by stephenlitel over 2 years ago

Dads Being Dads


Dads Being Dads is about breaking the stereotype of "Dads" and showing that there are Dads out there that cook, clean, educate, and participate, and truly cherish spending all their time with their children.

Winter Vomiting Bug: Weekly Podcast #14
by Dads Being Dads over 4 years ago
Demonstrating Healthy Living Around Your Kids
by Guest Post over 4 years ago