Confessions of a Daydream Believer


Welcome to the whimsical writings of my fabulously chaotic life filled with homeschool merriment and daily awesomeness....embrace the insanity!

Juniper Hill Farms


Juniper Hill Farms is a model of independent living for adults on the autism spectrum. We are not a group home. We are not a 'facility'. We are just guys renting in the community, like everyone else. We live on a small farm in southeastern Pennsylvania with lots of animals.... and fields of sunflowers in the summer. We have shared our lives since the fall of 2010. We are like a family, and we care about each other. We really are good friends, true friends….and this is our story.

Springtime Firsts
by Juniper Hill Farms over 4 years ago
We need to talk about staff. Be careful what you wish for!
by Juniper Hill Farms over 4 years ago

Learning to Laugh


My name is Heather. Wife to Naythan, Mommy to Drew and Alynn, multi-tasking extraordinaire, photographer, and full time student in the beautiful Northwest trying to figure out this whole new world of therapies, doctors, IEP meetings, sensory diets and staying sane.

Times of Peace.
by Heather over 3 years ago
Decorating in a Rental
by Heather over 3 years ago

Today with the Tennerys


The Tennerys are a family of four or six if you include the dogs living in Alabama. Follow along as Ellyssa, our very active sporty ten year old daughter,cheerleads, plays basketball and softball and keeps us laughingwith her personality. Read along as we learn more and more about Alex, our very lively twenty-two month old son, learns sign language on his way to actual speech

Asperger's Ukulele


My life as an Aspie and professional classical musician learning the ukulele.



I take a critical look into how autism affects my life, using my background as an English Literature graduate to inform and embellish my observations.

Chronicles of a Lackluster Parent


Tales of an evolutionary life inside an Autistic family.

The Odd is Silent


An adult Aspergian blogs about..well, everything. Sometimes funny, sometimes challenging, always outspoken.

An ode to mediocrity
by T.Rob over 2 years ago
Google Male
by T.Rob over 2 years ago

Bipolar, Asperger's and Margaritas


Stories of daily life and situations that occur in our crazy and loving family. My husband manages bipolar and our oldest son was recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, and sometimes we just have to have a drink.

Why clean....it's pointless.
by Lisa Lohr over 4 years ago
Christmas Magic
by Lisa Lohr over 4 years ago

And Mother makes 5!


I blog about day to day life with my 2 boys, M is 7 with ASD, while D is 5 going on 50 with AS.

Laughing Through Tears


Two women, four autism diagnoses, many cocktails, tragically funny.

Learning at Home


The trials and smiles of a home schooling mum as she shares her secrets on educating her autistic and oppositional child with a few family moments of fun thrown in.

Living in the Noise


Living in the noise. It is where we live, and here, I attempt to quiet it.