Mother of Shrek


A mother explains and describes life raising an autistic son.

Journeys With Autism


This writer has a great voice and good insight on living a healthy life with autism. Journeys with Autism is a welcoming space for autistic people, autism parents, and professionals.

Autism is not the Boss


Parenting tips for raising children on the autism spectrum.



Describes the blogger’s way of life with the audience. Shares personal struggles, discusses human rights, disability rights and autistic liberation.

To All The Children In Severe Pain Tonight (BADD 2015)
by Mel Baggs about 3 years ago
Goodbye, Ron.
by Mel Baggs over 3 years ago

Autism Twins


Mother of identical twin boys who are both on the autism spectrum finds beauty in the way her children see the world.

Joy's Autism Blog


A blog by a mother of four children who began blogging about her autistic child in 2006. She offers stories about her family life and advice for people who are learning how to understand autism.

Faces of Autism


Faces of Autism is a photo project created by a mother of an autistic boy who posts profiles and photos of autistic children as well as artwork created by these children.

Tunnel Vision


This is one father's blog who discusses daily life with his autistic son as well as coping with the loss of his toddler daughter.

Coming Home
by Dave over 2 years ago
I give
by Dave over 2 years ago



A blog written by a mother with autism who is also raising an autistic son. This insightful and critical blog explores current issues and new developments about autism.

Wordless Wednesday 09 Apr 14
by Spectrummy Mummy over 4 years ago
Daydream Believer
by Spectrummy Mummy over 4 years ago

Married, With Aspergers


I am writing this blog because I want to and I enjoy writing. I find that putting down how I am feeling in words helps me deal with those feelings. Some of what I write here is very specific to my own experience; other posts are more generally descriptive of the life experiences of people on the Autism Spectrum. I am not going to draw boxes around parts of my posts at any point and say "this only happens to me". This is my blog and it is all about me. I don't apologise for that. But I have found that some of my experiences are similar to other people's.



When my son, Norrin, was diagnosed with Autism at 2 1/2 years old, I felt like Alice, falling down the rabbit hole. Suddenly I was in a new world, one I didn't understand; a world that fascinated and frightened me. Every day is a puzzle waiting to be solved; every day there is inspiration; every day a new wonder is revealed. This is our journey through Autism Wonderland.

It Is Time To Move On {Atypical Familia}
by Lisa Quinones-Fontanez over 4 years ago
Survey Says! {7 Question Survey}
by Lisa Quinones-Fontanez over 4 years ago

Take a Left at the Moon


I was diagnosed at the age of 29 with Asperger's Syndrome. I lived my whole life up until that point wondering why I was so different from everyone else. I have a son who has Asperger's Syndrome as well, and I'm married to a man who has not been diagnosed yet, but we believe is most certainly Asperger's as well. I write this blog because it helps me to keep track of my life, understand things better, and I also hope to help bring awareness to others outside the spectrum to bridge the gap between the spectrum and the NT worlds. Also, I love to connect with other Neurodiverse people.

Gnus, wombats and ducks


I have been diagnosed with Aspergers at age 40, and want to share some of my thoughts about it. I am also a mom to two wonderful kids, and wife to a very special man. I own too many animals, rooms full of books and my special interests are my own thoughts, autism, and people. And nature and reading and gardening.

Greeting rituals
by Cecile over 4 years ago
Would this make you uncomfortable?
by Cecile over 4 years ago

The Autism Blog


The author of this blog writes about her life with a son with autism. It is a very uplifting view on the family dynamics of living with a child with autism.

about 4 years ago
Wow, it's March.
over 4 years ago



Here you can listen to podcasts on the subject of autism. Many great posts and very interesting stories told about living with autism and some are told by those who are autistic.

Try Defying Gravity


This blogger believes we have to be the ones to speak up and help others learn how to help children that have autism. She shares things you need to know about IEP meetings and parent/teacher conferences for special needs kids.

Born This Way (part three)
by Alysia Butler over 4 years ago
Born This Way (part two)
by Alysia Butler over 4 years ago

Aspie Rhetor


The author of this blog is a hyperlexic Asperger’s autistic and an assistant Professor of English. She shares her opinions and thoughts about living with this disorder and the blog has some very well written posts.

Nipple play
by Melanie over 3 years ago