Lakeside Center for Autism


This blog is about the Lakeside Center for Autism and the services it offers. There are assessments for all levels of autism and developmentally delayed persons.

Finding Our Way Home


This blog chronicles a family, written by Colleen the mother, with 2 children with special needs. One child has autism and the other has mitochondrial encenphalomyopathy. She shares the trials and tribulations along with the joys of this special family.

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Zach knows he is not quite on Santa's nice list thanks to Portable North Pole
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Nick's Law & Autism Legislation


This blog is about passing Nick's Law in Oklahoma to help with the treatment, that can very expensive, of children with autism. The blog discusses how early treatment of autism can go a very long way in helping a person be successful.

Autism Bulletin


This is a great blog to find resources, news and very up-to-date findings on research on autism and other syndromes in this spectrum. Based out of Boston, this blogger is the father of an autistic child and shares his wealth of knowledge.

Love, Life and Aspie Antics


This blog is a refreshing view of life with a child with Asperger's Syndrome. The author and mother writes of the family's journey and how their lives have been enriched by this child.

There Is No Normal


This blog is written by Amanda, mother of two boys, one with Asperger's Syndrome. She journals the steps that she is taking to help her son live a productive life that fits him and his family.

Giveaway: Zipit Bedding Set
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Make Your Valentine's Day Even More Meaningful by Supporting Southside Soiree
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My Not-So-Mundane Life


A single mom of two (one with severe autism, one neurotypical) shares heartwarming stories and experiences to help spread Autism Awareness!

Speaking On The Spectrum


This is my "All Things Autism" blog, where I post anything I find related to Autism Spectrum Disorders and similar conditions. I feel it's important to help others learn about ASDs and how they impact families. I also hope families who have been affected by Autism find some information here to help with their situation.

Asperger's Girl


Welcome to Asperger's Girl! I write about the good and the not-so-good things that happen in our house, and the challenges we face with our daughter who is affected by Asperger's Syndrome. When our daughter was first diagnosed I looked for blogs about girls who were affected and I only found a few. I hope others who have a daughter affected by Asperger's will find us and share with us Life With an Asperger's Girl.

Autism and Empathy


This site exists to undo the myths about autism and empathy that have stigmatized autistic people for so long. It features writing by autistic individuals, by autism parents and family members, by autism professionals, and by others who understand that autistic people, all along the spectrum, can experience the world in highly empathetic and sensitive ways. Telling our stories, describing our experiences, and speaking the truth in our own voices, we can break dehumanizing stereotypes and increase understanding.

Mind Retrofit


An Aspergers woman, mother of three who is journaling her life - processing her own acceptance of being on the autism spectrum. The blog is a way for her to express herself, find her words, and share her adventures with her son who is considered a “high-functioning” autistic. As well as her other two children who show definite autistic traits. It is also her desire to bring awareness and hope about autism and life.

Happy Easter/Sunday!
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Quality Of Food Is A Privilege
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Website of Lori Berkowitz. Posts about autism, asperger syndrome, web development, WordPress, mac computers, and other random geekery.

I am an autistic person with autism
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monday at five
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Aspierations - Come As You Are, Let Your Light Shine


Written by an Aspie Mom with two children on the autism spectrum, this blog promotes acceptance, enrichment, inspiration and empowerment for those on the autism spectrum, those with Asperger's Syndrome and the family and friends who love them. Accept, Enrich, Inspire, Empower!

My Family's Experience With Autism


I'm a Mom to 3 wonderful kids. 1 typically developing young boy (currently in 1st grade) and a set of girl/boy twins, both diagnosed with autism. My daughter also has ADHD. We learned they were on the spectrum when they were 26 months old and now they are preparing to enter kindergarten for the 2012-13 school year. I blog about whatever seems right when I sit at the computer. Sometimes I share stories. Sometimes I promote awareness. Sometimes I simply vent to get things off my chest. I share myself in, what I refer to as, my publicly available online journal. Please feel free to read my stories.

Drastic Change
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A New Phase
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A blog about a nonverbal autistic girl living on her own in the Pacific Northwest. Updated a few times a week on a wide range of topics about her life and how she perceives the world around her. An intriguing look inside the mind of a moderately affected person with autism, a nice contrast to blogs from people with aspergers!

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Drawing Roads


Follow Curtis and his artwork in a blog about autism and learn about struggling living with autism, and find helpful resources to combat it. Contributors to the site include his mom, dad, 1:1 school support and 1:1 home support.

Gum Messages
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Curtis Media: Check it Out!
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Helping My Boy


My blog is about therapies techniques and day to day practical things we use to help our son with Autism, activities, reviews, ideas, tips everything I'm learning through his therapies and my own research to help other parents.

My son is weird - is that true?
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Video Modeling Lego Duplo Truck
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Homeschooling Autism South Africa


This blog is about our family's experiences of homeschooling Autism/Asperger's. I hope to share with others that homeschooling is s very viable educational option for some children on the spectrum.

Autism Light


A blog telling the inspiring stories of diverse heroes in and for the autism community. Heroes mentioned come from around the world and include parents, individuals with autism, professionals, organizations, websites, and even an occasional animal. The author is Alan Stokes, a father of a child with autism, who hopes that sharing Autism Light will encourage the autism community to rally for the cause in unity and to make a difference with the time, treasure, and talents we have been given.

Cam Newton
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Michael Hannon
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Confessions of an Asperger's Mom


I write about the adventure of raising two teenage boys with Aspergers. I get completely naked...painting an honest picture of what our life is like, keeping a sense of humor about it all. Otherwise, I'd be completely nuts.

Autism-isms -Snow Days by Jamie Cruit Knopik
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The Right to Pee
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Swimmin' in Alphabet Soup


A humorous and truthful journal about mothering children with various neurological impairments including Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD). In this house, you never know what's going to happen next! But there's a pretty good chance whatever it is, it will leave you laughing.

Honestly, I Pretty Much Hate April
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Hope and Faith, Reaffirmed
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