Generation Rescue


An international movement made up of parents, physicians and scientists looking to research causes, and treatments for autism, ADHD and chronic illnesses.

This Week in Autism News
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Autism: Now 1 in 68
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Autism Twins


Mother of identical twin boys who are both on the autism spectrum finds beauty in the way her children see the world.

Joy's Autism Blog


A blog by a mother of four children who began blogging about her autistic child in 2006. She offers stories about her family life and advice for people who are learning how to understand autism.

Faces of Autism


Faces of Autism is a photo project created by a mother of an autistic boy who posts profiles and photos of autistic children as well as artwork created by these children.

Tunnel Vision


This is one father's blog who discusses daily life with his autistic son as well as coping with the loss of his toddler daughter.

Coming Home
by Dave over 2 years ago
I give
by Dave over 2 years ago

Irish Autism Action


A blog with news about autism and information to help support parents, teachers and friends who care for autistic children.

Whitterer on Autism


Another blog that offers many resources on autism including helpful books, resources and life experiences. The author, Maddy, is a mother of two autistic and two non-autistic children.

Photon in the Darkness


A blog that covers scientific information, policy issues and recent news about all things related to Autism.



A blog written by a mother with autism who is also raising an autistic son. This insightful and critical blog explores current issues and new developments about autism.

Wordless Wednesday 09 Apr 14
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Daydream Believer
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Countering is a sharp blog that explores and challenges ideas and theories about the autism spectrum. Written by an English instructor with a master's degree in psychology, this blog is creative, pointed and humorous.

No, Seriously--I Wasn't Joking At All
by noreply@blogger.com (K Wombles) almost 3 years ago
Out Into the World
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Wrong Planet


A forum and community for people who are either diagnosed in the autism spectrum, or who are caretakers, supporters and teachers for the diagnosed. This site is an excellent source if you have questions or need support.

Teaching Learners with Multiple and Special Needs


This blog is filled with information designed for people who teach children diagnosed with many types of disorders, including the autism spectrum. Here is a a place for teachers to learn about new teaching technologies and it's application in the educational realm for special needs learners. But this blog is not for teachers alone, this is also a great area for parents to explore to learn about different tools to help their autistic children excel.

Wearing Your Words
by Kate over 2 years ago
The Real Cost of Premium AAC Apps
by Kate over 2 years ago



Chad Sansing, author and founder of Classroots.org, teaches humanities at a charter school. He writes on classroom reform and democratic education. He also publishes case studies of successes and failures in teaching and learning through authentic engagement. Authentic engagement allows for learning that encourages collaboration and inquiry, which leads to authentic work – productivity that extends beyond the classroom.

Creative Fierce Laser EduShark
by Chad over 4 years ago
The #EduCon 2.6 #toyhack (online & off!)
by Chad over 4 years ago

Autism Blogger


This site is a support group for all those dealing with autism or helping someone they love cope. You can write a blog of your own, connect with people who are dealing with the same issues, get help and support, and ask questions.

Raymond mill using skills
by sunnyxiaomo almost 4 years ago
Steps of substance feeding with vertical roller mill
by zhgk3258 almost 4 years ago

Jake of Winter Hill


Jake is 8 years old and has Autism. This Blog is about what I can do not what I cannot, sometimes people think I cannot because I have autism,this blog is about challenging that! I have lots of special interests, in particular running, exploring and this blog shows a small amount of what I get up to!

Kates visit to Winter Hill
by Jake of Winter Hill over 4 years ago

A Sugar and Spice Life


A blog by a crafty SAHM of 3, including a 3 year old daughter with autism and epilepsy. One family's experiences and thoughts about living with autism.

Married, With Aspergers


I am writing this blog because I want to and I enjoy writing. I find that putting down how I am feeling in words helps me deal with those feelings. Some of what I write here is very specific to my own experience; other posts are more generally descriptive of the life experiences of people on the Autism Spectrum. I am not going to draw boxes around parts of my posts at any point and say "this only happens to me". This is my blog and it is all about me. I don't apologise for that. But I have found that some of my experiences are similar to other people's.