A Life Less Ordinary


Self-described as “A blog about parenting, working, worrying, science, writing, worrying, and autism.”

Irish Autism Action


A blog with news about autism and information to help support parents, teachers and friends who care for autistic children.

Whitterer on Autism


Another blog that offers many resources on autism including helpful books, resources and life experiences. The author, Maddy, is a mother of two autistic and two non-autistic children.



Countering is a sharp blog that explores and challenges ideas and theories about the autism spectrum. Written by an English instructor with a master's degree in psychology, this blog is creative, pointed and humorous.

No, Seriously--I Wasn't Joking At All
by noreply@blogger.com (K Wombles) almost 3 years ago
Out Into the World
by noreply@blogger.com (K Wombles) almost 3 years ago

Wrong Planet


A forum and community for people who are either diagnosed in the autism spectrum, or who are caretakers, supporters and teachers for the diagnosed. This site is an excellent source if you have questions or need support.

Teaching Learners with Multiple and Special Needs


This blog is filled with information designed for people who teach children diagnosed with many types of disorders, including the autism spectrum. Here is a a place for teachers to learn about new teaching technologies and it's application in the educational realm for special needs learners. But this blog is not for teachers alone, this is also a great area for parents to explore to learn about different tools to help their autistic children excel.

Wearing Your Words
by Kate over 2 years ago
The Real Cost of Premium AAC Apps
by Kate over 2 years ago

Autism Resources


Here you will find a number of links having to do with autism. Fantastic site to find all the resources needed.

Autism Science Foundation


This foundation is a non-profit organization founded by parents and scientists working together to find treatments for autism. The main mission is to provide funding to scientists and organizations for autism research.

CDC: 1 in 68 Children has an Autism Spectrum Disorder
by autismsciencefoundation about 4 years ago
A Night at the MRI Machine
by autismsciencefoundation over 4 years ago

POAC: The Educational Leader for the Autism Community


This organization is the educational leader for the autism community. They provide recreational and support services to children with autism and their families. You will find great resources here and there is support for families who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Lakeside Center for Autism


This blog is about the Lakeside Center for Autism and the services it offers. There are assessments for all levels of autism and developmentally delayed persons.

Autism Bulletin


This is a great blog to find resources, news and very up-to-date findings on research on autism and other syndromes in this spectrum. Based out of Boston, this blogger is the father of an autistic child and shares his wealth of knowledge.

Helping My Boy


My blog is about therapies techniques and day to day practical things we use to help our son with Autism, activities, reviews, ideas, tips everything I'm learning through his therapies and my own research to help other parents.

My son is weird - is that true?
by 2 Worlds almost 3 years ago
Video Modeling Lego Duplo Truck
by 2 Worlds over 3 years ago

There's Tulips In Holland


A blog dedicated to Parents of children with Autism.I am a happy stay-at-home mom of my 3 beautiful sweeties 2 of which have been diagnosed as Autistic. When I started this Blog I wanted to create something where someone could come who was new to the ASD world and find everything they could need in one place. I'm still working on that! I hope this Blog can bring you comfort, make you laugh and let you know there's a HUGE support system out there for you, starting here!

Cream Pemutih Wajah Latansa
by Martha Dinatha08 almost 3 years ago
Testing Mercedes-Benz A 200 Efficient Urban League 2014
by upilk over 3 years ago

Achieve Ideas


The Achieve Degree is a completely online Bachelor's degree program of the Sage Colleges. This blog is a resource for individuals who are interested in autism treatment, use of technology for individuals with autism, online education, adult/transition issues in autism, college for students with autism in general, and the Achieve Degree in particular.

Using Applied Behavior Analysis in an App to Teach Language
by stolfl over 4 years ago
Features of Good College Programs
by stolfl over 4 years ago



an artist's blog that turned into one that discusses the artist's journey into raising a son with aspergers. A complete gallery of the featured work on aspergers can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/34366735@N06/sets/72157626105860489/

Autism Special Blend


Autism Special Blend is a mixture of updates,resources and tools that revolve around the spectrum. My goal is to provide a special blend of services that allows you to access,utilize,share and network. Addressing Special Needs Through A Special Blend of Services

by Renita Verner over 2 years ago
by Renita Verner over 2 years ago

Defying The Spectrum


Resource for Empowering Parents of Children Diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum. Find information on the spectrum and many resources on how to help your child achieve success. Partner with other parents and gain tools to help you defy the spectrum.

How To Support Someone With ASD : Day 8/30 Going Beyond Autism Awareness 2014!
by admin about 4 years ago
Sensory Processing Issues : Day 7/30 Going Beyond Autism Awareness 2014!
by admin about 4 years ago

All About Autism


Dr. Maureen Carey-Barber is the executive vice president of the Barber National Institute, an organization that serves children and adults with disabilties and their families. Maureen also has a son on the spectrum. Her blog tells the story from the point of view of a professional (as an educator) and of a mother.

The First Person
by all about autism over 2 years ago
History of Autism
by all about autism over 2 years ago

Got-Autism Blog


Got-Autism is striving to make the ASD community more visible, understood, and admired by being the source for empowering and life enhancing products. The purpose behind our products is to create real-life success stories for individuals and families touched by autism. As an advocate for autism, we provide on-going financial (charity proceeds) support to the ASD community. Got-Autism actively supports awareness events to raise funds for autism research and promotes outreach programs to increase understanding and compassion for those battling autism. Our blog focuses on a variety of autism-related topics, from our own parenting experiences to autism events to great products to make life better.

“Presumed Competence”
by Tammy Andersson over 4 years ago
Social Security Benefits for Children with Autism
by Tammy Andersson over 4 years ago

Autism Notebook


Proud Mom Of A Daughter With Autism, Sifting Through The Web For The Best Autism Interventions And Info

I am Jake: My Life on the Autism Spectrum


The blog was created to have discussion from families on the same Autism Spectrum journey and to provide helpful resources in navigating the world of education, therapy, and daily life. This blog features a children's book that introduces the discussion of what is an Autism Spectrum Disorder from a child's perspective with helpful tools for parents. The blog author, Stefany Gess, is currently a therapist working with children on the Autism Spectrum and their families. Her son was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, which motivated her to start the blog and to write the book about the life experiences they have encountered together and the amazing unique character and personality of her son.