This blogger writes on how to make religion more friendly for those who have Asperger's Syndrome. The articles found here are very interesting and thoughtful.

A Modest Proposal to Allow Syrian Refugees Into the Country
by Izgad over 2 years ago
Kalman Evolves Into an Altruist
by Izgad over 2 years ago



Shannon is the mother of an autistic child. She shares her thoughts and resources on helping autistic children thrive. She is an autism advocate and speaks at various conferences. Recently, Shannon and her son appeared together at the iPad 2 launch in early March!

by Shannon Des Roches Rosa over 2 years ago
All Done January
by Shannon Des Roches Rosa over 2 years ago

Susan Senator


A quote from Susan, the author and mother of a 21 year old son with autism hits home for a lot of us with special needs children. It is "Autism is not the end of the world; just the end of one kind of world" which is so true. This blog is about being hopeful and staying positive and offers advice on how to live with a person with autism.

Really? Autism Awareness Month?
by Susan Senator over 4 years ago
Alternative to Group Home: Shared Living
by Susan Senator over 4 years ago

Nick's Law & Autism Legislation


This blog is about passing Nick's Law in Oklahoma to help with the treatment, that can very expensive, of children with autism. The blog discusses how early treatment of autism can go a very long way in helping a person be successful.

Autism Whisperer


I am a developmental pediatrician and parent of a son with Asperger Syndrome. He has benefitted from early intervention due to early diagnosis. I blog about him and my practice, and offer advice gleaned from 15 years of dealing with autism spectrum disorders both at home and in my practice.

New Autism: Breakthrough Treatments for Autism


If you have an autistic child, then what you will discover here on this website will improve your life and your child’s life forever. If you want straight, no BS ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS. If you want your family life back the way it was before Autism stole so many of its precious irreplaceable moments.

New Hope in Treatment of Autism in the Form of Stem Cells
by Dr. Chun Wong over 4 years ago
The important issues of Nagalase activity in ASD
by Dr. Chun Wong over 4 years ago

September Road


Exploring our many paths of choice & discovering new friends to walk with. No criticism, no judgment, Just support....laughter... and a cocktail....or 3? Why? Because that's the kind of day we're having! * Warning: I am a somewhat sarcastic realist. I believe in using humor when I can and tissues where appropriate!

Hearts that Feel


I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at age 28. I have spent the last 5 years coming to understand where I am now and what was happening inside of myself when I was a moderate-low functioning child. This is Autism from my perspective - Autism from the inside out.

Pity ≠ Love
by Tara about 4 years ago
by Tara over 4 years ago

I Love ABA!


Personal blog all about Autism & ABA, written by a Behavior Analyst. Full of helpful tips and strategies about behavior for the home, school, and community.

Lemon Treatments
by Tameika over 4 years ago
Quote of The Day
by Tameika over 4 years ago

Simply Speaking


The aim of this space is to journal my experiences with autism and share them. To hopefully bring a little light to those who may be embarking on a similar journey, and to share issues and ideas with those already well on the path. Join me as we explore this daunting, amazing, scary, joyous excursion.

Alanis' Daily Routine


My Daughter who has Autism is an inspiration to me, because she has taught me to be a better parent and to get to know her in so many ways. I have learned so much about what an Autism Spectrum Disorder is through my daughter's daily routine and challenges with Autism. She's my life and my inspiration, my hope and a hero. She encouraged me to write a resource book about her to share with other people to better understand about Autism. God Bless!!!



A weblog by Brenda Kosky Deskin, autism advocate, mother of a child with autism and founder of AutismBeacon. These personal reflections also offer helpful survival strategies and invaluable insight from a voice of experience.

Open Up and Let Go


Autism has been a part of my life for a long time. My brother was diagnosed when we were kids. In 2009 we learned our little boy was also on the autism spectrum. This is his story. And my story. And God's story.

The Temper Tantrum
by Deb over 2 years ago
Virtually Indistinguishable
by Deb over 2 years ago



Information and updates regarding theories, research and therapies supporting emotional and social development

Special Needs Rights


Advice and self-help articles for parents of children with special needs. Practical pointers for drafting assessment request letters and advocating for your child.

Tiny Grace Notes (AKA Ask an Autistic)


Ever wish you knew a researcher or teacher who was actually Autistic? You do. Sometimes the page may seem a bit random, but mostly it's about your questions. They said I should blog while waiting for papers and books to get published in order to be more useful quicker; meanwhile, the idea of Ask-An-Autistic came up in a good friend's blog. I'm an Autistic member of the Community and an education professor who's also had a lot of non-profit service-sector jobs in the field: epistemological hat trick. :) Use the comments to ask anything, and I'll try to answer well, or direct you to a good place to find what you need.



Christian "Megatron" Andrews is diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (PDD-NOS) & will be the picture model for @Aut_Izm. A brand founded by him and his father. Short Special Olympic footage included.

Emma's Hope Book


Intended as a document of Emma’s journey through a childhood of autism–and our hopes for her future, Emma’s Hope Book has evolved and is now a document of my journey as a parent and as a human being and how autism has changed my views. It is a far more beautiful and complex world than I ever imagined or dreamed possible.

Autistic BigBro


Autistic BigBro is a journal of a Filipino young adult on the autistic spectrum as he takes on his adventures of playing the role of big brother to fellow persons on the spectrum, his real-life siblings, and to the community at large.

Stephs Two Girls


Family blog about my two girls following a diagnosis of autism for our younger girl (now aged 6). Covering family,relationships, education in the UK and some product reviews.