Mother of Shrek


A mother explains and describes life raising an autistic son.

Autism Science Foundation.org


Another blog focused specifically on the future of autism-related health research. Provides information and blogs on recent advances in autism treatment. Working to raise funds for autism research.

No Autistics Allowed


The webpage associated with "The Autism Crisis." Features the writer's published articles on edgy and controversial topics.

Knowledge for people


Provides awareness and education about Autism Spectrum Disorder to communities and countries unfamiliar with the disorder.

No Stereotypes Here


Corina has devoted her life to promoting autism acceptance. If someone in your family or circle of friends has autism, you can get help here from someone who is personally experienced in the matter.

Social Assistance, Poverty, and the Cost of Living
by noreply@blogger.com (Corina Becker) almost 3 years ago
NeuroTribes Review
by noreply@blogger.com (Corina Becker) almost 3 years ago

A Life Less Ordinary


Self-described as “A blog about parenting, working, worrying, science, writing, worrying, and autism.”

Journeys With Autism


This writer has a great voice and good insight on living a healthy life with autism. Journeys with Autism is a welcoming space for autistic people, autism parents, and professionals.

The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network


Seemingly the most popular site on our list. Many our selections share links to this site.Features topics like autism-related politics, scientific research, and other relevant news.

ASAN Issues Statement on Latest CDC Autism Prevalence Data
by JuliaBascom over 4 years ago
Welcome To The Autistic Community! (Adult)
by JuliaBascom over 4 years ago



Full of autism-related information as it concerns to today’s society.

Autism is not the Boss


Parenting tips for raising children on the autism spectrum.

Child Psychology Research Blog


If you are considering child psychology as your focus in college, this is a terrific blog to give you some insight into the field.

Natural Variation Autism Blog


This blog looks to do away with the myths and false information affiliated with autism.

Autism Street


Educates and brings awareness to autism. Calls for action and exposes myths.



Describes the blogger’s way of life with the audience. Shares personal struggles, discusses human rights, disability rights and autistic liberation.

To All The Children In Severe Pain Tonight (BADD 2015)
by Mel Baggs about 3 years ago
Goodbye, Ron.
by Mel Baggs over 3 years ago

Interverbal: Reviews of Autism Statements and Research


Claims to provide a “Critical look at science in the autism world.”