After Corbu


Serious architecture aficionados will understand the cheeky allusion made in this blog's title; "Corbu" references Le Corbusier, one of the past century's most eminent architects and artistic minds. This blog, composed by a budding building designer, ruminates on what the field has been up to in the wake of this guru. His posts are feature a modern, almost hipster-ish sensibility in how they approach the concept of architecture as a living thing, not a dusty and ossifying notion.



Architectural ninjas, nimble in their command of design, write with mastery on the topic here. Anyone looking for a refreshing take on the art of buildings will love this.

Collins Architecture


Enjoy this blog's inside look at the workings of an architectural firm. People who cannot get enough of architectural insight might just end up satisfied here.

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Insulation and Home Renovations
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This blog endeavors to cover the latest in spatial, almost intergalactic architecture. Rockets, space suits, and g-force land bases are frequently covered here.

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The Antiplanner


This blog engages in a worthwhile argument regarding architecture and government planning. Censuses, garages, and subways have provided recent post topics here.

Seattle Votes Down Transit Tax
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Urban Planners Live in a Fantasy World
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This blog draws on a wide range of material to offer an accumulating account of everyday life in neighbourhoods - from a community development perspective on architecture, planning and design; through regular critiques of policy; to issues of resident empowerment and quirky vignettes of neighbourly life. The blog is written by Kevin Harris, author of several books and articles on neighbouring and community development. Mainly referring to the UK context.

Blue-sea thinking
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I don’t mean to be rude
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