Vermont Architect


More is done in Vermont than just the collection of delicious syrup. Architect Robert demonstrates how even more sweetness is found in the state's newest buildings.

Perry Road Realtor Listing
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Tiny House Infographic from CustomMade
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Quinn Evans


A highly respected architectural firm details some of its most beautiful projects here. Each post comes complete with a sweet, pop-culture touch.

Celebrating Women in Construction Week
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Everything IS up to date in Kansas City
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Despite the oily dairy of its title, Butterpaper's status as the foremost blog to cover Australian architecture is a fact that doesn't slip easily. Architect and web designer Peter launched the page ten years ago in an effort to organize his favorite websites. Butterpaper has grown to become an important arena for the web-based discussion of urbanism and architectural conversation as they take place in Australasia. The blog leaves the island-continent to refreshingly discuss New Orleans, modernism, and other hot-buzzer topics.

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Pruitt Igoe - the film
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Blogger Chris has earned renown for this page, based in Austria with a focus on international design. Each posts looks to see how designers are pushing boundaries.

Alt Erlaa
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"Mahü" - Clutter / Zeug.
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This Scottish Architect currently residing in Helsinki composes this personal blog themed on urbanism. The Guggenheim and Bin Laden lair are recent features here.

DETNews: Architecture


Detroit's under-publicized architectural glories are made known to masses here. Readers who struggle to find Motor City marvels will find a trove of them on this page.

Locus Architecture


This blog is specifically devoted to writing on the ways in which architecture and sustainability inform each other. History and green design edicts are common topics.

Eco-Award House in Sunday’s @StarTribune
by Adam Jonas over 4 years ago
HH Residence wins Eco Award
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