Super Colossal


Super Colossal cannot be articulately described with mere words; the pictures and ambiance you experience when visiting the site are far more informative. Suffice it to say that a pair of antipodeans, one from Australia and the other from New Zealand, collaborate to find beautifully bizarre, hipster-friendly examples of pop architecture chic for the 2010s. And, naturally, the blog doesn't limit itself to buildings exclusively. David Foster Wallace and comic books also contribute to the kaleidoscopic vibe.

The Architecture Blog


Picture after gorgeous picture of great architecture appearing somewhere in the world makes up this page's posts. Architecture students will find this site rife with inspiration.

condenasttraveler: The domes of Süleymaniye Mosque. Istanbul,...
almost 4 years ago
picturestalktoo: Tromsøysund Church
almost 4 years ago



Blogger Jake is a Brooklynite photographer with a gift for capturing luscious views of New York's gritty locales. Atget, Sugimoto, and the Bechers are some of his inspirations.

Desolate Metropolis


Abandoned architecture is the craving of blogger Dave, who'll do almost anything to capture a lovely slum of a building. Infrared and surreal shots also surface here.

Among Infrared Trees
over 4 years ago
Fire Gauges
over 4 years ago

Hello Beautiful


Edward concentrates on fielding something of architectural beauty to his readers every day. It's a great way to keep sharp on the latest goings-on in the art field.