Jetson Green


Jetson Green provides a nice looking blog spot that makes a point of trying to enhance homes through green designs. This has some great information and articles for environmental engineers, as well as homeowners looking to upgrade.

Student Housing Made From Shipping Containers
by Christine Walsh over 2 years ago
Luxury Home With a Small Footprint
by Christine Walsh over 2 years ago

Earth Architecture


This blog opens with a startling statistic about both architecture and humanity: half of the world apparently lives in buildings constructed of the Earth itself. The sphere of "earth architecture" has allegedly received little traction until blogger Ronald, an architect with an eye fixated on nature and humans' relationship with it, came along. Each post gives the glamor treatment to an earthen structure. And the writing clarifies that a building made of dirt can be just as complex as an ironclad contraption.

The Garden Studio


Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles -- these three big-time municipalities would seem to be where most of America's great architecture is concentrated. But this blog reminds its readers that significant architecture is in fact located right in their own backyard. Blogger Cynthia sites landscape design as her day job; she graciously makes time to jot down some of her most intriguing and helpful ideas in this blog. Anyone looking to lend some constructional wonder to their plot will enjoy this.

Green Bean Chicago


This blog is where Chicago architectural professionals discuss the industry in detail. It also argues for a more serious integration of green perspectives into the community.

A Bit of Green


A bit of green covers green living from technology to food, crafts, and architecture. Their architecture section has quite a bit of interesting content relating to green interior design.

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Hello world!
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