This blog has a tendency to visually contemplate the meaning of urban design and the future of architecture. The pics here convey more than their 1000-word share.

by Geoff Manaugh over 3 years ago
Under London
by Geoff Manaugh over 3 years ago

east coast architecture


Hollywood and Seattle have some true architectural rivals, at least according to this page. Architects based on the East Coast discuss their craft and their prowess here.

Intriguing Earth Architecture 93
by Bradley Swarts over 2 years ago
Intriguing Earth Architecture 92
by Bradley Swarts over 4 years ago

Critique This!


Critique This is an architecture blog in a magazine format, which critically examines the state of architecture within the United States.

eye candy


This blog was founded by a designer who wanted to keep up his architectural game by studying excellent work. Students looking for pictures to envy will truly love this.

Brand Avenue


Urban planning and development, marketing and architecture form this page's multi-focused perspective. San Jose and the Tempelhof Airport are new post topics.



Designhunter is an online magazine featuring modern residential architecture, interiors and landscapes designed with warmth, texture, sustainability & beauty.

Starbucks Seattle serves coffee from a container
by Kim McFayden over 2 years ago
Timber clad beauty in Long Island, New York
by Kim McFayden over 2 years ago