Life of an Architect


Students, young people, and anyone who isn't keen on their day job should visit this page to day dream about the daily happenings of the architectural lifestyle. This licensed Texan architect zooms readers directly into the heart and mind of an artist and engineer who adores the construction of, and story behind, a building. But just because LOAA is written in this way doesn't mean than non-architects are kept out of the loop. On the contrary -- architecture has never felt so inclusive and clear before.

I am an Architect and I draw for a living
by Bob Borson over 3 years ago
The Best Architectural Websites 2015
by Bob Borson over 3 years ago



Randy is a brand of architect obsessed by seemingly minuscule figures. He cites that less than one percent of Americans have either his surname or first name. It's that sense of reverence for the petite details that sets Randy's architectural gift apart from his peers; it also distinguishes his blog as among the best of its kind. The zebras of his blog's title make it clear that basic, workaday thoughts on architecture will be jettisoned in favor of idiosyncratic and deeply-thought insights.

Minority Report: What Drives Success in Architects?
by randydeutsch over 4 years ago
5 Gifts Seasoned Architects Receive from Emerging Professionals (& vice versa)
by randydeutsch over 4 years ago

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Designers and architects giddly offer up interesting thoughts and viewpoints here. Those who enjoy an interdisciplinary feel will naturally gleam when reading here.

Catherine Smith Architect


It can be tough, being a woman in such a male-dominated sphere as architecture. But Catherine gives the little boys a run for their construction money, as shown here.

A is for Architect
by Catherine Smith over 4 years ago

Mike the Architect


A great architect who's apparently often asked to be a guest speaker deigns to offer his wisdom here. See on this site how architecture and public speaking intersect.

The Future of the Mike The Architect Blog
by Mike Walker about 4 years ago
Mike Walker has joined Gartner
by Mike Walker about 4 years ago

Why Architects Drink


Architecture is not a reverie, emphasizes blogger Mile High Pixie. A beautiful construction may begin in a dream, but the steps to realize that imagination are painstaking, time-consuming, frustrating. This site destroys the notion that buildings are bippity-boppity-boo'd into existence. Rather, it concentrates on the gritty malaise that can sink in after years in the profession of architecture. The honesty of perspective makes this a must-read page, one that will lend you real appreciation.

What had happened was...Part 1
by Mile High Pixie over 2 years ago
I just resigned from Design Associates.
by Mile High Pixie almost 3 years ago

Tools for Sustainability


Architecture students are encourage to read this blog often for its insight on sustainable design. Green techniques and ideas are delivered in scholarly tones.

Revamp the Camp Studio
by joomla@juintow.com (Juintow Lin) over 4 years ago



Descroll is an attempt to bring together stories from Architecture, Product Design and Interiors as feeds. Launching in the beta stage, Descroll is in the process of reaching out to a varied set of targeted Design community comprising of both professionals and students.

Home House Design


Best articles and images about home design, interior, exterior, and decorate with modern style



We are working hard to be "The Roofing Website" of choice by roofers, contractors, builders, and home owners. We blog about roofing architecture, updates, technology, tips, and more. We are the free encyclopedia for roofing.

Best Pressure Cleaners in Palm Beach Gardnes, Florida
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Jones Pressure Cleaning
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Roofing Norman OKC


We are the preferred roofing company of Norman OK! With this blog, we keep our readers and customers up to date with our roofing projects and educated about their roofing concerns.

Marietta Roofing


We share all things roofing related. We are a professional roofing company that blogs about different roof styles, designs, types, and options. We also talk about the different roofs we are working on in Marietta, Georgia.

How Skylights are Installed
by Laurel Clarke over 4 years ago
Skylight Installation Company in Marietta GA
by Laurel Clarke over 4 years ago



An architecture student's blog of informal thoughts on architecture, photography, design, and more

Lapel Pins


Maerda. Lapel Pins, Challenge Coins, Special column.