Tools for Sustainability


Architecture students are encourage to read this blog often for its insight on sustainable design. Green techniques and ideas are delivered in scholarly tones.

Revamp the Camp Studio
by joomla@juintow.com (Juintow Lin) about 4 years ago

Hello Beautiful


Edward concentrates on fielding something of architectural beauty to his readers every day. It's a great way to keep sharp on the latest goings-on in the art field.

eye candy


This blog was founded by a designer who wanted to keep up his architectural game by studying excellent work. Students looking for pictures to envy will truly love this.

Archis Platform


This blog concentrates on experimental architecture. Beautiful outlandish ideas elbow serious considerations of culture and the industry's current realities.

The Antiplanner


This blog engages in a worthwhile argument regarding architecture and government planning. Censuses, garages, and subways have provided recent post topics here.

Seattle Votes Down Transit Tax
by The Antiplanner about 4 years ago
Urban Planners Live in a Fantasy World
by The Antiplanner about 4 years ago

Brand Avenue


Urban planning and development, marketing and architecture form this page's multi-focused perspective. San Jose and the Tempelhof Airport are new post topics.



This blog draws on a wide range of material to offer an accumulating account of everyday life in neighbourhoods - from a community development perspective on architecture, planning and design; through regular critiques of policy; to issues of resident empowerment and quirky vignettes of neighbourly life. The blog is written by Kevin Harris, author of several books and articles on neighbouring and community development. Mainly referring to the UK context.

Blue-sea thinking
by Kevin Harris about 4 years ago
I don’t mean to be rude
by Kevin Harris about 4 years ago

A Bit of Green


A bit of green covers green living from technology to food, crafts, and architecture. Their architecture section has quite a bit of interesting content relating to green interior design.

by WC2XyMeKkj about 3 years ago
Hello world!
by WC2XyMeKkj about 3 years ago

Architectural Videos*


Latest+selected architectural videos.. You will find best videos of news,interviews,tutorials,animations,presentations from the architectural world..

7 Architects: Bridging Cultures in a Global World
by Yucel Sezen over 2 years ago
Garden School by OPEN Architecture
by Yucel Sezen over 2 years ago

Building Product Marketing


Architects rely on building product manufacturers to develop innovative materials and provide technical support to designers. This blog addresses the concerns of building product manufacturers, and will also be of interest to architects concerned about the palette of available materials.

Construction News and Big Data
by Michael Chusid, RA FCSI about 4 years ago
Of course I can help you.
by Michael Chusid, RA FCSI about 4 years ago

Matters of Taste


Written by an architectural historian, college professor, former architect, avid traveller, serious home-cook, amateur photographer, movie-watcher, constant critic. Her musings, observations, epiphanies and opinions that do not fit neatly into any of those aforementioned pursuits are gathered as Matters of Taste, and you are welcome to them.

William Morris & the Minor Arts
by JAA over 2 years ago
and now, a short message
by JAA about 3 years ago



Designhunter is an online magazine featuring modern residential architecture, interiors and landscapes designed with warmth, texture, sustainability & beauty.

Starbucks Seattle serves coffee from a container
by Kim McFayden over 2 years ago
Timber clad beauty in Long Island, New York
by Kim McFayden over 2 years ago



Talkitect.com is dedicated to the discussion of contemporary international architecture, art, and design. The site presents articles critiquing new designs and showcasing research on contemporary issues in the design world. The foundation of the site is reviews of architecture that we have personally visited throughout the world. Furthermore, we post slideshows featuring photographs we have taken of particularly noteworthy buildings, cities and landscapes. It is also a repository for interesting videos, links, press releases, announcements and other relevant information we stumble across on our wanderings through the world wide web. The content is carefully curated to provide a wide range of views and opinions. Created in 2008 by designer and writer Lucas Gray, Talkitect.com has rapidly grown into a community of people interested in the built environment. This site keeps us engaged in the dialogue of international design while giving us an outlet to express ideas, review buildings, and do research above and beyond our daily work. The true reward is engaging with you, the readers, and thus we appreciate all of your comments, ideas and suggestions. We are currently based in Portland, Oregon with contributions from writers and photographers from around the world.

upload [Flickr]
by Lucas Gray over 4 years ago
Another beautiful view of mt. Hood [Flickr]
by Lucas Gray over 4 years ago

Mohsin Ali


Modern home interior design and plans, apartment decorating ideas, architecture, cool rooms, 3d home exterior, diy furniture, beautiful garden inspiration.

6 Beautiful Outdoor Fireplaces
by Admin over 4 years ago
13 DIY Modern Media Table Ideas
by Admin over 4 years ago

Architecture: what i wish i'd known


There is so much more to this ancient profession of Architecture than what is taught in books, placed in glossy magazines, or lectured about in schools, and though most Architects learn everything they need to practice eventually, this site, Architecture: what i wish i’d known, hopes to pass on some of those teachings in a less haphazard fashion, with a focus on the lessons that are learned beyond ‘how to build buildings’.

Pre-Print Checklist: Tips from an Elder
by wiwik over 4 years ago
How to do flawless construction drawings
by wiwik over 4 years ago



Descroll is an attempt to bring together stories from Architecture, Product Design and Interiors as feeds. Launching in the beta stage, Descroll is in the process of reaching out to a varied set of targeted Design community comprising of both professionals and students.

Home House Design


Best articles and images about home design, interior, exterior, and decorate with modern style



We are working hard to be "The Roofing Website" of choice by roofers, contractors, builders, and home owners. We blog about roofing architecture, updates, technology, tips, and more. We are the free encyclopedia for roofing.

Best Pressure Cleaners in Palm Beach Gardnes, Florida
by Roofpedia over 2 years ago
Jones Pressure Cleaning
by Roofpedia over 2 years ago