Apparently the world's most visited architecture site, it's unsurprising how myriad stellar architects lend their opinion here often. There's an international feel here, too.

Mini Shopping Mall Takes Top Prize in CANactions Youth Competition
by Rory Stott about 4 years ago
House V at R / BURO II & ARCHI+I
by Fabian Cifuentes about 4 years ago

Mike the Architect


A great architect who's apparently often asked to be a guest speaker deigns to offer his wisdom here. See on this site how architecture and public speaking intersect.

The Future of the Mike The Architect Blog
by Mike Walker about 4 years ago
Mike Walker has joined Gartner
by Mike Walker about 4 years ago



A Caribbean-based architect writes on the joys and jostles of the building life here. Love for structures from L.A. to London and everywhere in between froths in every post.

work | life balance
by mad architect almost 4 years ago
by mad architect almost 4 years ago

Critique This!


Critique This is an architecture blog in a magazine format, which critically examines the state of architecture within the United States.

Collins Architecture


Enjoy this blog's inside look at the workings of an architectural firm. People who cannot get enough of architectural insight might just end up satisfied here.

by admin almost 4 years ago
Insulation and Home Renovations
by admin over 4 years ago

Why Architects Drink


Architecture is not a reverie, emphasizes blogger Mile High Pixie. A beautiful construction may begin in a dream, but the steps to realize that imagination are painstaking, time-consuming, frustrating. This site destroys the notion that buildings are bippity-boppity-boo'd into existence. Rather, it concentrates on the gritty malaise that can sink in after years in the profession of architecture. The honesty of perspective makes this a must-read page, one that will lend you real appreciation.

What had happened was...Part 1
by Mile High Pixie over 2 years ago
I just resigned from Design Associates.
by Mile High Pixie almost 3 years ago

Super Colossal


Super Colossal cannot be articulately described with mere words; the pictures and ambiance you experience when visiting the site are far more informative. Suffice it to say that a pair of antipodeans, one from Australia and the other from New Zealand, collaborate to find beautifully bizarre, hipster-friendly examples of pop architecture chic for the 2010s. And, naturally, the blog doesn't limit itself to buildings exclusively. David Foster Wallace and comic books also contribute to the kaleidoscopic vibe.



Despite the oily dairy of its title, Butterpaper's status as the foremost blog to cover Australian architecture is a fact that doesn't slip easily. Architect and web designer Peter launched the page ten years ago in an effort to organize his favorite websites. Butterpaper has grown to become an important arena for the web-based discussion of urbanism and architectural conversation as they take place in Australasia. The blog leaves the island-continent to refreshingly discuss New Orleans, modernism, and other hot-buzzer topics.

by Peter over 4 years ago
Pruitt Igoe - the film
by Peter over 4 years ago

The Architecture Blog


Picture after gorgeous picture of great architecture appearing somewhere in the world makes up this page's posts. Architecture students will find this site rife with inspiration.

condenasttraveler: The domes of Süleymaniye Mosque. Istanbul,...
about 4 years ago
picturestalktoo: Tromsøysund Church
about 4 years ago



Blogger Chris has earned renown for this page, based in Austria with a focus on international design. Each posts looks to see how designers are pushing boundaries.

Alt Erlaa
by christoph almost 3 years ago
"Mahü" - Clutter / Zeug.
by christoph almost 3 years ago



This blog endeavors to cover the latest in spatial, almost intergalactic architecture. Rockets, space suits, and g-force land bases are frequently covered here.

by kosmograd over 4 years ago
by kosmograd almost 5 years ago



This Scottish Architect currently residing in Helsinki composes this personal blog themed on urbanism. The Guggenheim and Bin Laden lair are recent features here.

DETNews: Architecture


Detroit's under-publicized architectural glories are made known to masses here. Readers who struggle to find Motor City marvels will find a trove of them on this page.

Locus Architecture


This blog is specifically devoted to writing on the ways in which architecture and sustainability inform each other. History and green design edicts are common topics.

Eco-Award House in Sunday’s @StarTribune
by Adam Jonas over 4 years ago
HH Residence wins Eco Award
by Adam Jonas over 4 years ago



Blogger Jake is a Brooklynite photographer with a gift for capturing luscious views of New York's gritty locales. Atget, Sugimoto, and the Bechers are some of his inspirations.

Desolate Metropolis


Abandoned architecture is the craving of blogger Dave, who'll do almost anything to capture a lovely slum of a building. Infrared and surreal shots also surface here.

Among Infrared Trees
over 4 years ago
Fire Gauges
over 4 years ago