Jetson Green


Jetson Green provides a nice looking blog spot that makes a point of trying to enhance homes through green designs. This has some great information and articles for environmental engineers, as well as homeowners looking to upgrade.

Student Housing Made From Shipping Containers
by Christine Walsh over 2 years ago
Luxury Home With a Small Footprint
by Christine Walsh over 2 years ago



This blog has a tendency to visually contemplate the meaning of urban design and the future of architecture. The pics here convey more than their 1000-word share.

by Geoff Manaugh over 3 years ago
Under London
by Geoff Manaugh over 3 years ago

Life of an Architect


Students, young people, and anyone who isn't keen on their day job should visit this page to day dream about the daily happenings of the architectural lifestyle. This licensed Texan architect zooms readers directly into the heart and mind of an artist and engineer who adores the construction of, and story behind, a building. But just because LOAA is written in this way doesn't mean than non-architects are kept out of the loop. On the contrary -- architecture has never felt so inclusive and clear before.

I am an Architect and I draw for a living
by Bob Borson over 3 years ago
The Best Architectural Websites 2015
by Bob Borson over 3 years ago

After Corbu


Serious architecture aficionados will understand the cheeky allusion made in this blog's title; "Corbu" references Le Corbusier, one of the past century's most eminent architects and artistic minds. This blog, composed by a budding building designer, ruminates on what the field has been up to in the wake of this guru. His posts are feature a modern, almost hipster-ish sensibility in how they approach the concept of architecture as a living thing, not a dusty and ossifying notion.

Earth Architecture


This blog opens with a startling statistic about both architecture and humanity: half of the world apparently lives in buildings constructed of the Earth itself. The sphere of "earth architecture" has allegedly received little traction until blogger Ronald, an architect with an eye fixated on nature and humans' relationship with it, came along. Each post gives the glamor treatment to an earthen structure. And the writing clarifies that a building made of dirt can be just as complex as an ironclad contraption.

The Garden Studio


Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles -- these three big-time municipalities would seem to be where most of America's great architecture is concentrated. But this blog reminds its readers that significant architecture is in fact located right in their own backyard. Blogger Cynthia sites landscape design as her day job; she graciously makes time to jot down some of her most intriguing and helpful ideas in this blog. Anyone looking to lend some constructional wonder to their plot will enjoy this.



Randy is a brand of architect obsessed by seemingly minuscule figures. He cites that less than one percent of Americans have either his surname or first name. It's that sense of reverence for the petite details that sets Randy's architectural gift apart from his peers; it also distinguishes his blog as among the best of its kind. The zebras of his blog's title make it clear that basic, workaday thoughts on architecture will be jettisoned in favor of idiosyncratic and deeply-thought insights.

Minority Report: What Drives Success in Architects?
by randydeutsch over 4 years ago
5 Gifts Seasoned Architects Receive from Emerging Professionals (& vice versa)
by randydeutsch over 4 years ago



The majority of this blog’s articles cover coding in relation to specific technologies and often architecture, but the blog does include enjoyable commentary on the office life of BERG, London. The entries are from several employees, so the content is always being updated frequently and is diverse in content.

We’re moving!
by Jack Schulze over 4 years ago
SVK shutting up shop sale!
by Jack Schulze almost 5 years ago

USA Character Approved Blog: Architecture


USA television network has chosen to salute some great American artists. Blogger Chad uses his archtectural experience to great effect in his field here.

this is a456


Designers and architects giddly offer up interesting thoughts and viewpoints here. Those who enjoy an interdisciplinary feel will naturally gleam when reading here.

east coast architecture


Hollywood and Seattle have some true architectural rivals, at least according to this page. Architects based on the East Coast discuss their craft and their prowess here.

Intriguing Earth Architecture 93
by Bradley Swarts over 2 years ago
Intriguing Earth Architecture 92
by Bradley Swarts over 4 years ago



Architectural ninjas, nimble in their command of design, write with mastery on the topic here. Anyone looking for a refreshing take on the art of buildings will love this.

Interactive Architecture


Vacuums don't foster architectural creativity; vivid and creative technologies do inspire and motivate craftsmen, however. This site helps readers understand that ever-growing reality in ways that encourage them to, well, interact with what they read. Each post concentrates on a new idea or project that develops a sensory experience for people as they engage with it. Transience is the name of the game here. But this site's exciting joy in covering this architectures makes it a mainstay.

The Mental Construction of Soft Architecture
by Bahnfun (Darcy) Chittmittrapap over 2 years ago
Perceived Affordance, an Analytical approach to space
by Alexander Kendall White over 2 years ago

Green Bean Chicago


This blog is where Chicago architectural professionals discuss the industry in detail. It also argues for a more serious integration of green perspectives into the community.

Continuity in Architecture


This blog finds several architects pondering about ways in which education in the field can be improved. Current students and teachers alike will appreciate this.

Oddments and Epigrams
by Dominic Roberts over 2 years ago
On Retaining Walls: Projects completed 2014-15
by Dominic Roberts almost 3 years ago

Vermont Architect


More is done in Vermont than just the collection of delicious syrup. Architect Robert demonstrates how even more sweetness is found in the state's newest buildings.

Perry Road Realtor Listing
by bob almost 4 years ago
Tiny House Infographic from CustomMade
by bob almost 4 years ago

Mind and Matter


Blogger Blaine, an architect based in Minnesota, helms this blog, one of the foremost in the community. Learn about solar design, archeology, and more here.

Catherine Smith Architect


It can be tough, being a woman in such a male-dominated sphere as architecture. But Catherine gives the little boys a run for their construction money, as shown here.

A is for Architect
by Catherine Smith over 4 years ago

Quinn Evans


A highly respected architectural firm details some of its most beautiful projects here. Each post comes complete with a sweet, pop-culture touch.

Celebrating Women in Construction Week
by jquaglia over 4 years ago
Everything IS up to date in Kansas City
by jquaglia over 4 years ago