The DIY Showoff


Do-it-yourself -- this concept of autonomous design and style rehabilitation can seem incredibly daunting if your name isn't, say, Picasso or Martha Stewart. Fortunately, blogs like the DIY Showoff exist to help show you tricks and techniques and vaunt you into the big leagues of delectable DIY practice. Every post here distinguishes this site from its brethren in its rare combination of simplicity with succulence. Heck, the rich among us might feel fit to hire a crew to realize the gorgeous designs here.

That DIY Party
by Roeshel about 2 years ago
What do to with angled closet floor space?
by Roeshel about 2 years ago

Comfort and Joy


Blogger Sarah must have a prescription for super-powered style spotting. She's created this warmly titled blog to document her sightings of great home fashion wherever she goes, and the fact that every post sparkles on some new and alluring addition to her catalogue is a remarkable feat. The common man, without Sarah's eagle eyes for sumptuous design, can train his gaze here to recognize sweet and beautiful home decor when he comes across it.

Leather for Spring ( and Summer! )
by Sarah about 4 years ago
Sconce Makeover and Return of the Audubon Bird Wall
by Sarah over 4 years ago

Young House Love


A relatively young family makes it look like they've had decades of experience on their charming blog. Learn from a real-life example how to incorporate vibrant style.

Finishing The Room Over Our Garage
by John Petersik about 2 years ago
Our 2015 Christmas Tree & Holiday Decor
by Sherry Petersik over 2 years ago

Velvet Cushion


This site specializes in schooling readers on how to locate and retrieve the best special additions to their homes. Bring some velvety luxury into your apt. here.

Brighten Up Your Home
by florin almost 4 years ago
Home trend for 2014: a dash of timeless elegance with marble decor
by dorra almost 4 years ago



When souping up your apartment anew, don't forget to upgrade the tech components of your living arrangement. This blog makes it easy to stay technologically current.

The DIY Spot


If you're really gun-ho about sprucing your apartment DIY style, this blog is a must-read. Ground your technique and styling with real skill here.

Happy Thanksgiving!
by Joselyn over 3 years ago
Candle Remake Again
by Joselyn over 3 years ago

The Designer's Attic


Shannon Darby grants you an insider's look at what designers themselves hoard in their abodes. Come away with a potential new treasure after just one visit.

Miles Redd
by Shannon about 2 years ago
by Shannon about 2 years ago

Slipcover Your Life


What to do when your apartment's current fashioning displeases your eye? Head here first, and learn first-rate style remedies.

by Shannon about 2 years ago
Mary McDonald
by Shannon about 2 years ago

Skirt Round Table


Blogger Linda lends a true artist's understanding to the sphere of apartment design. Coif your small space into an environment fit for a queen.



Some rooms are soigne, others need a bit of work to take out the scruffiness. This blog is more than enough to help you bring some sparkle to your space.

Plush Palate


Upgrade your style know how from petered out to, well, plush, with this blog. Every post will augment your indoor decor acumen.

My Little Apartment


Dean's apartment might be petite, but it packs a real fashionista's punch. Learn from a master how to design with efficiency and class.

supa' dupa' fly
by my little apartment over 3 years ago
desktop clean-off
by my little apartment over 3 years ago

Matters of Style


If you want to improve your understanding of living glamorously, look no further than this opulent page. Recent posts highlight the upcoming decor of new princess Kate.

Looking Again at Land's End
by Matters of Style over 4 years ago
Life, Losing Weight, and Lulu Love
by Matters of Style over 4 years ago

Design Manifest


Father and daughter collaborate to generate stellar design schemes here. It may be all in the family, but the team is willing to share some prized ideas.

Current DM Project Inspiration
by Naomi about 2 years ago
Orange Crush
by Naomi about 2 years ago

Copy Cat Chic


Ever seen a gorgeous lamp or chair in a magazine, but had no clue how to locate it? Enter the Copy Cat to present you with fine, high-class alternatives.

Hermes Feuillage Wallpaper
by jordanshields about 2 years ago
Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Earthy White Living Room
by Audrey Dyer about 2 years ago

Caitlin Creer Interiors


Caitlin Creer is doing her utmost to enter the echelon of great designers here. Learn from her as she ascends up the ranks -- and get tips for free, while you can.

Apartment Design


The minimalist style really seems to sum up the zeitgeist of early 2010s interior design. Learn about the ins and outs of this particular design scheme here.

6th Street Design School


Just because you've read tons of publications on interior design doesn't mean you're quite a guru yet. Give yourself an education in outstanding design knowhow here.

Last Week's Links
by Kirsten Krason over 3 years ago
Feature Friday: Charming in Charlotte
by Kirsten Krason over 3 years ago

Efficient Heating Solutions


Efficient Heating Solutions is the home of energy efficient heating supplies: skirting board heating, underfloor heating and smart heating controls.

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Serviced Apartments in London


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